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Why so many thrive on Sheung Wan’s live and work lifestyle

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Offering your choice of home, work or play, Sheung Wan is one of Hong Kong’s most vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods, surrounded by charming antique shops, contemporary galleries, and jazzy cafes that permeate throughout. With a little something for everyone at arm’s reach, those who love the laid-back vibe of the neighborhood can learn to thrive, whether at the office or taking part in Sheung Wan’s numerous lifestyle activities. The relaxed atmosphere offers a welcome counter to the neighboring areas of Central and Admiralty, which are largely defined by their fast-paced business atmosphere.

Just one-stop off the MTR Island Line from Central, or an easy 10-minute walk to access all you need, the neighborhood really comes alive on foot, especially if your morning commute is just a short and pleasant jaunt between your apartment and office. For this reason among others, the area has become a prime destination for Hong Kong’s expat community, and an entry point for many to unlock Hong Kong.

A place to live and work

Sheung Wan boasts a diverse mix of locales, from fast-paced business areas to more relaxed hangout spots. This stands in contrast to the neighboring and Admiralty, which are defined by the working hours of offices and the constant flurry of workers moving throughout; Sheung Wan strikes more of a balance between work and lifestyle. For this reason, many people choose it as a place to both live and work, particularly since rents are more affordable than in Central just next door. For housing, the neighborhood boasts a wide selection of traditional Chinese walk-ups and modern high-rise buildings, many of which have been renovated with modern amenities and even private roof terraces.

In addition to being able to commute on foot between the office and home, residents will find that the neighborhood really comes alive after working hours and on the weekends. From cultural spots such as Man Mo Temple, to waterfront views at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, nightlife and happy hour activities around SoHo, or enjoying a festival or local crafts at PMQ, there will always be something new to enjoy and explore when not in the office, and a thriving community to tap into.

Referring to the area south of Hollywood Road, SOHO is the multicultural wine, dine and swanky nightlife side of Central and Sheung Wan.

An Established Business and Expat Community

All these perks have led to a unique and flourishing business environment in the area, particularly for Hong Kong’s expat community who prefer the relaxed vibe of Sheung Wan and the lifestyle it offers, without the need to sacrifice much in terms of convenience. Along with co-working spaces offering flexible office solutions in the area, Sheung Wan is increasingly host to a growing and dynamic business community. This is fortified by the long-established expat community that has organically grown in Sheung Wan, meaning newcomers will almost always find a group of people to meet who complement their lifestyle. The mix of laid-back hangout spots and business venues is mirrored in the community, with a dynamic group of people who know how to balance living, working and play.

A foodie destination

Home to a myriad of dining options, ranging from top-notch local fare to innovative Western restaurants, Sheung Wan has a huge array of eateries to suit anyone’s taste, at any time of the day. This is especially true of the lunch options, with a great range of choices to host a quick business meeting. One popular choice is the lunch set at La Rotisserie, which boasts French-style roast chicken that will always hit the spot. There’s also a wide selection of local options, such as top-notch dim sum restaurants or a tea house. For dinner don’t miss Yardbird, ever-popular with the area’s expat residents, which has a wealth of contemporary interpretations of Japanese izakaya staples to discover, and then after that catch some entertainment at Visage One, one of the best-hidden jazz bars in the city. There’s also a huge selection of Happy Hour and night-out spots just a step away in SoHo. Sheung Wan is also famous for its incredible selection of cafes, such as the incomparable and popular Cupping Room. Whether you are looking for a casual spot to see friends or a button-up business restaurant for a meeting, you’ll never be starved for choice.

Whether you are looking for a cold brew, finely crafted espresso or hip new cuisines, this area of town has an unparalleled selection. The treasure trove of great coffee and dining has also lead to a thriving community, and some great spots for local residents and office workers to meet-up and hang out.

Sheung Wan is a neighborhood unique to Hong Kong’s business scene. Its strategic location and seamless melding of East and West make it an ideal environment for both business and leisure. If you are looking for an area that effortlessly blends life and work together then look no further, there will always be something new to discover!

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