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Centrally-based locations on Hong Kong island, a wide range of facilities that support business operations, and a reasonable price plan with flexible membership options, that’s what members can expect from theDesk. Yet, while the synergy of these tangible assets is vital, there are other valuable aspects that prospective members need to consider. Intangible values, such as the sense of familiarity our staff try to curate, our inclusive communities, and career development for our members, all play a part in how your business will flourish at theDesk.

Sense of Belonging

Interaction with one another lies at the core of human nature. Through socializing, people create dynamic environments that fuel collaboration and the growth of communities. The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs suggests that a sense of belonging is a vital psychological requirement for our attainment of happiness. A recent report by the Harvard Business Review, that analyzed numerous coworking spaces, found that people are 89% happier and 83% less lonely in shared working environments.

theDesk - Event - Belonging
At theDesk, every member matters. We regularly hold community events to encourage connections and collaborations.

A sense of belonging amongst our members – that is what the staff at theDesk cultivate on a daily basis. Our teams create welcoming spaces in which members are known intimately and are greeted with a smile. We work tirelessly to foster people-centric environments where members feel encouraged to collaborate and network. By bringing like-minded people together, theDesk develops spaces in which reciprocal relationships don’t just originate but flourish. Whether at Wine Down Fridays or at our more structured business and networking events, we carefully evaluate our members before matching them up.

Business Development

From solopreneurs and SMEs to larger MNCs, theDesk members come in all shapes and sizes. They possess a wide range of skills, across a variety of industries, and are constantly looking to add value to their businesses. Yet, these smaller enterprises often have limited resources that limits their ability to invest in knowledge gaps. This is why the skills exchange and organic business growth, that occur at theDesk, make it such an ideal work environment. If your company requires help with website design, you’re likely to find that your neighbor at lunch is actually a highly skilled digital professional and would be happy to help you with your website.

To enhance career development for our members, theDesk organizes regular events involving people from varying industries in order to ensure our member’s businesses grow. An example of such an event was the HSBC booth we set up, where our members could gain private financial consultations to help derive insights about their businesses. theDesk also partners with numerous influential figures to come and talk on certain topics for our communities. For example, our ‘Entrepreneurship – Born to be a Boss’ and ‘Gen Z’ recruitment talks, both brought leading professionals to theDesk to meet and chat with our members. These experiences are key to our members’ development and ensure that our communities are constantly learning and staying on top of the latest market trends.

theDesk - HSBC partnership
In collaboration with HSBC Business Banking, a dedicated counter has been set up to offer free private consultation services for our co-work members and the neighboring community for two weeks. And end with a full house luncheon to share about the topic on: Leveraging Technology for eCommerce.

Inclusive Communities

theDesk’s community ties go far beyond the walls of our spaces. Through proactive screening and engagement, our community partnership team facilitates connections between our members and our neighbors. These relationships often result in successful business ventures and long-standing partnerships. Through business events and social gatherings, these connections are given the room to grow and we often knock on the doors of our neighborhood companies and invite them along to events so that they can meet our members. We feel that these events are one of our unique selling points, as they enable us to foster an inclusive community culture that sets us and our members apart from other coworking spaces.

No matter which of theDesk locations you find yourself at – Sai Wan, Causeway Bay or our upcoming Admiralty space – you’ll be immersed in an environment of unique social ties between our staff, our members and our neighbors. People and the communities they form are our most valuable asset. Together we develop strong relationships, derive insightful learning experiences, and ultimately drive business growth. Come and experience one of our spaces for yourself and let theDesk staff introduce you to our unique culture.

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