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Distractions are typically considered an enemy to productivity. But science tells us otherwise: the right kind of distraction at work can actually boost efficiency, especially if it comes in the form of art.

Guests at theDesk Leighton Centre opening party had the chance to view vibrant artworks, including those of Hong Kong artist Mediha Ting’s (in image), uniquely displayed across 50 rooms.

Based on a decade-long study, psychology professor Craig Knight of Exeter University says that art is one of the best ways to foster greater productivity and happiness in the workplace.

Splashes of colour and fun art installations reduce stress, increase creativity and spark conversations – bringing people together on a richer and more enjoyable level than work collaborations alone ever can.

And since building relationships is what theDesk stands for, it is only natural that art plays prominently in the innovative co-working and events space, which is currently leading office sharing trends by morphing beyond a standard coffee and Wi-Fi office to become an architect of vibrant, engaged communities right in the heart of Hong Kong.

TK Chan, a Hong Kong-born artist and co-founder of BLINK Gallery, showcased her nature-themed oil paintings. Over 20 works were displayed on all three levels of theDesk Sai Wan back in April 2018.

With three locations – one in the charming district of Sai Wan and two in bustling commercial hub Causeway Bay – and set to expand, theDesk is reinventing the co-working space concept by putting relationships front and centre.

At the core of its philosophy is an inclusive community that connects members with one another – and with the neighbourhood around them. More than just opening avenues for members to meet and collaborate, theDesk is now looking to art as a unique platform to bring the members of its communities closer to one another.

Hong Kong-based finger painter Justin Y was part of a list of emerging and established local and international artists who showcased their finest works for Inspiration@theDesk — an art exhibition in conjunction with the opening of theDesk Leighton Centre in March.

For the launch of its main office in Leighton Centre in March this year, theDesk curated art collections from a lineup of remarkable artists from the local art scene – from the amazing textured finger paintings of Justin Y, stunning drawings of Fuquan Junze and contemporary Chinese pieces from Blink Gallery, to pieces by talented young artists like Pei Chung, Ticko Liu, and Elaine Chiu from the Geneyclee Gallery.

Hong Kong watercolour painter Simon Yung demonstrating Chinese ink painting live in front of visitors at Inspiration@theDesk art exhibition back in March.

Since the company established back in 2016 with theDesk Sai Wan, the company has been active in joining neighbouring collaborators, such as nearby Hotel Jen by Shangri La, to up the art vibe in the Western District.

theDesk first showcased a collection of mixed media by artist Sharu Sikdar as part of a charity art exhibition “The Pursuit of Happiness” back in December 2017, in collaboration with neighbouring charity centre Tree of Life.

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Sharu uses nature and natural objects as a metaphor for the human experience. By placing an emphasis on often overlooked parts of nature, her work reconnects viewers with a consciousness of their own lives and attempts to show both the strength and vulnerability of humans. Hotel Jen followed suit by showcasing a solo exhibition of Sharu’s work across the hotel space a few months later.

Hong Kong artist Sharu Sikdar sharing about the inspiration behind her work for the Pursuit of Happiness Art Exhibition opening event held at theDesk.

Another such exhibition featured the works of TK Chan, artist and co-founder of Blink Gallery. Two separate collections invited viewers into the artist’s nostalgic memories from her time in Scotland and her views on human equality.

By creatively using its space to promote local art and artists, theDesk is actively supporting the cultural scene in Hong Kong while breathing life into the city’s neighbourhoods. After all, art is about connection, whether it’s between people or within oneself – and in either instance fuels the pursuit of wellbeing, progress and fulfilment.

In collaboration with Moleskine, theDesk Leighton Centre event space was transformed into a creative art jamming classroom conducted by up and coming Hong Kong artist Elaine Chiu.

The advent of shared workspaces in Hong Kong has both been encouraged by and driven, the rise of creative individuals pursuing independent or collaborative work of passion. theDesk’s novel approach to the workspace delivers a uniquely immersive experience in which members can break through the confines of a physical office, becoming not only part of theDesk’s robust business membership community but also connecting with the culture and opportunities in the vicinity.

As theDesk continues to work with artists from around the world, not only will it fill its walls with aesthetic elements, but also the hearts and minds of people with a welcome dose of inspiring distraction.


by Wendy Kwan Hiu Wah

theDesk is delighted to present the first solo exhibition by local artist Wendy Kwan in Hong Kong, featuring a series of contemporary ink works created in recent years. These works are deeply associated with Eastern zen philosophy, reflecting her appreciation of nature and its impermanence.

Born in Hong Kong, Kwan obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Hong Kong in 2000, specialising in Japanese Studies and Fine Art. Her works have been showcased in exhibitions across Hong Kong and Mainland China. In 2018, Wendy received the Art Excellence Award from NL Art Museum in Beijing.

20% of the total sales of her artworks displayed will be donated to ‘Buddhist Compassion Magazine’ 《溫暖人間》, run by a Hong Kong Buddhist non-profit organization.

Learn more about Wendy:

Date: 14th August – 15th October 2018

Venue: theDesk, 511 Queen’s Rd West, Sai Wan

Transport: MTR HKU Station, Exit B2

Opening hours for public viewing: weekdays (Mon-Fri 9 am – 6 pm)

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