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theDesk Story: Who we are & where we’re going

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur considering joining theDesk, a new member who’s just come on board, or an old friend who already knows all about us, we wanted to share some of the values that make us, us. At theDesk we endeavor to create an inclusive community, not only amongst our members but also with our neighbors. Thereby, encouraging collaboration and promoting efficiency that allows us to thrive in an increasingly shared economy. That’s just the start.

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Co-Work 2.0

Whenever you arrive at one of our spaces, you’ll quickly realize that interior design is something we take very seriously. Whether it’s the award-winning design of our Sai Wan space, or the minimalistic style of the Leighton Centre and One Hysan Avenue spaces, we always ensure that our members can focus on productivity and grow their business. Aesthetic design isn’t our primary concern; our members and community are. “We love the openness of the theDesk’s professional community and the personal connection with the team and other members. I’m so impressed by the personal commitment of the staff. It’s genuine.” – from the co-founder of Do It – Ideas into Things, Elena Raho. At theDesk, we stick to this co-work 2.0 principle and put our resources towards adding value to both our members and neighbors.

Diverse Members

As underlined by the phrase ‘co-working’, the people are fundamentally a shared workplace’s greatest asset. Some co-working brands are industry-specific, meaning they target certain types of businesses. For example, some cater only to fintech start-ups while others are geared toward attracting creative freelancers. However, at theDesk we’re industry-agnostic and welcome a wide variety of members. As our Community Partnership Director, Jim So, highlights, “we invest a lot in our people rather than the physical space – focusing more on building effective solutions and services that boost the performance of each member.” For instance, thanks to the diverse background of our community, we can match different businesses with one another to ensure members with suitable expertise are aligned.

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The connections we forge at our spaces increase the productivity of our members and enable their businesses to flourish. Combined with the minimalistic design of the space and the quiet environment, members are able to thrive in their work and businesses while remaining continually focused.

theDesk - Members
At theDesk, every member matters. We have a diverse membership pool that spans across numerous industries and sectors with a close connection.

Our Neighborhood

As an industry-agnostic co-working space, we welcome a wide array of businesses as we feel this is the most productive way of stimulating new ideas and driving innovation. Not only do we embrace diversity amongst our members, we proactively connect businesses within our members and our neighborhoods.

The advantage of theDesk’s sharing economy is well highlighted by the case of our member, whoot! – a mobile app company that specializes in creating transformative marketing solutions that build customer loyalty. Given the nature of their business, the whoot! founders chose our One Hysan Avenue site, in Causeway Bay, as their headquarters. This allowed them to take advantage of the neighborhood’s diverse Food & Beverage network with ease.

The vibe of the co-working community we strive to build greatly depends on the teams and its members. We constantly encourage everyone to engage with each other and participate in gatherings, which in turn creates a strong foundation for the neighborhood.

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Bespoke Plans

We also pledge to adapt to the diversity of our members. Since theDesk welcomes members from varying backgrounds, it’s paramount that we understand and respect their specific needs. Each member is unique and therefore, the services we offer are tailor-made – ensuring that everyone feels that they’re an integral part of our shared economy. Whether a member requires a flexible contract period, event space for their business, or just wants a bit more privacy, we’re always willing to accommodate to ensure that everyone’s requirements are met. As our Commercial Growth Director, Paul Johnson points out, “a private office helps foster and build your team culture. While open collaborative spaces lead to connections.” Hence, our flexible plan and mindset helps each and every member meet their needs and changing environments, while also providing a balance between privacy and community.

theDesk - Private Room and Event Space
theDesk supports members’ business growth through flexible solutions including private offices, dedicated desks, hotdesks and event space.

Our Vision

With our new Admiralty space just around the corner, we’re hoping to unlock the potential of a new neighborhood by adding members and welcoming a wider range of neighbors into our co-working community. As theDesk family continues to work, grow and flourish together, we will strive to uphold our co-work 2.0 principles and keep putting our members and communities first.

Join theDesk: Your co-working and events space

Be part of our vibrant professional communities. Enjoy our flexible plans for private offices and desks. Let’s make it happen together.

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