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theDesk Story: Our journey

theDesk United Centre - Team Photo
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theDesk started the adventure in June 2016 with the launch of theDesk Sai Wan space and now is heading to our 3rd year anniversary. The reason to start theDesk, our CEO and Co-founder Thomas Hui said “I just followed my heart and what I was passionate about. I enjoy being surrounded by innovative people and to see them use our space, to drive their businesses forward, is really inspiring.”

With the principles of Co-work 2.0, theDesk ensures that each of our spaces is a nexus of development and innovation. And we believe that “inclusive community” is one of the success factors of launching five spaces within less than three years. Read on to see our journey in this amazing 3 years and what’s next? Stay tuned and more to come.

Join theDesk: Your co-working and events space

Be part of our vibrant professional communities. Enjoy our flexible plans for private offices and desks. Let’s make it happen together.

Contact ryan.leung@thedesk.com.hk and charlene.lui@thedesk.com.hk today. Discover how our inclusive community, flexible plans and pricing can help start and grow your business.

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