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Over the past few years, Ideation Spaces have grown in popularity as startups and companies have looked for innovative methods, and environments, that are conducive to discovering the correct answers to the right problems. With 85% of C-Suite executives believing their companies are poor at diagnosing problems, it’s clear to see why this trend has arisen. While a bit slow on the uptake, Hong Kong businesses, and their teams, are now beginning to understand the importance of Ideation when it comes to unearthing ideas for business solutions and new products. With the aim of becoming one of the first, fully equipped, Ideation Spaces in Hong Kong, theDesk has launched its very own Ideation product in Sai Wan. Time for a tour.

A new purpose

The Ideation Space at Sai Wan was opened because the space already attracts a lot of entrepreneurs and creatives. Thanks to the award-winning design and hip location, outside of Hong Kong’s CBD, it offers an off-site environment that is different to anything else around the city. The aesthetic blend of the old and new, the spacious floor plan, and the general vibe of the space really lends itself to creative thinking and brainstorming activities. Furthermore, given that traditional offices in Hong Kong have a limited amount of space to conduct these workshops and brainstorming activities, theDesk Sai Wan provides the perfect solution.

theDeskSaiWan - InteriorDesign
theDesk Sai Wan – an award-winning design space with high ceilings and aesthetically outstanding design that combines historical and modern elements.

By hosting these off-site strategic planning events, theDesk provides a creative, yet focused, setting in which your team can collaborate to create solutions and potentially ground-breaking ideas. Now, at first, one may ask how is this intrinsically different from general brainstorming? But during an Ideation session – that’s hosted at an off-site environment, across varying spaces, amongst different teams – fresh perspectives become a product of the environment. 

Aside from being a co-working and Ideation Space, theDesk Sai Wan thrives by connecting members to neighboring stakeholders, residents, and business owners. Therefore, the Ideation Space will also be a facilitator of sorts, hosting workshops, connecting local businesses – such as caterers and hotels, and generally introducing the right people with each another.

Ideation for All

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing and discussing new ideas. Therefore, it’s suitable for everyone. But it can especially come to the fore if you’re launching a new product, brand or business, coming up a with new business strategy, or dealing with crisis management situations.

Primarily, Ideation helps generate a lot of ideas quickly that a team can then filter and analyze, to deliver the most practical solutions and products. This is very helpful when targeting specific problems or trying to pinpoint certain information about your target audience, their needs, and their personas. It is also helpful in terms of team bonding, discovering certain traits about your own team members, and maybe if certain people work well together. In short, it is can be effective for your entire team.

For those in the Human Resources department, the Ideation Space offers a flexible schedule that can fit your required training program and your budget, so organizing your session will be simple. Furthermore, if you’re part of the C-Suite team, this session will provide you some quality time to work closely with your team to develop strategies, oversee team-bonding and tackle specific goals that you may have outlined.

The space

The 8,000 sq. ft floor plan of theDesk Sai Wan offers a lot of flexibility and different zoning options. Further, add the fact that the space is a dual environment, that can cater to both indoor and outdoor activities and has a terrace with a barbecue, it’s a mighty impressive space. Given the location of theDesk Sai Wan, just a few stations away from Central MTR station, it’s easily accessible for anyone working in and around Hong Kong’s CBD. This means the space is perfect for any business that wants to pop out for a half-day session with their team, or even local entrepreneurs who may just want to come in and brainstorm over lunch for a few hours.

Ideation Space - Setting
There are numerous ways that the meeting room can be set up depending on the requirement of the focus group or the aim of the meeting.

The space itself is highly focused and is brilliant for concentrated teams. There are numerous ways that the meeting room can be set up depending on the requirement of the focus group or the aim of the meeting, and the multi-purpose project room is fully customizable to your own ideal ideation set-up. With bean bags, an LED screen, flipcharts, and moveable tables, it’s a really complete space for team building sessions.

So, whether you’re planning to have an HR-only BBQ to discuss the recent changes in the office or you need a multi-purpose project room to have a last minute brainstorm about an upcoming pitch, theDesk Sai Wan has got you covered.

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