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theDesk: Our new flagship space at United Centre

theDesk United Centre
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theDesk is going to launch our new United Centre space in Admiralty very soon! We are excited to share with you how the new space will be designed to further enhance theDesk’s vision in achieving co-work 2.0 and creating an inclusive community.

Having a rectangle and a circle in forming a “D” shape of our brand logo, the two shapes symbolize tables in an office and while the overlapping shapes represent “Inclusive community” – the most important element of co-working. In co-work 2.0, we create a minimalistic but aesthetic office that no longer focuses on fancy design but creating a productive and people-centric workspace.

theDesk United Centre is our biggest space and will be theDesk future flagship store. Inspired by Central Park from New York city, our new space will be spatially designed with a landmark in the middle of the event space to facilitate the creation of a community. We believe that the nothingness of space brings infinite possibilities to the community that all users can enhance their creativity on how to utilize the space. By creating a community, theDesk aims at adding values to our members’ business in the sharing economy.

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