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theDesk opens in Causeway Bay: Our stunning new workspace at One Hysan Avenue

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theDesk does co-working differently. Since opening in Sai Ying Pun in June 2016, we’ve been on a mission to build inclusive communities across Hong Kong.

In December 2017,  theDesk opened the first of two stunning new workspaces in Causeway Bay. And in February 2018, we’re opening our new 15,000 sq. ft. work and events space at Leighton Centre. You can find our pricing guide here.

To celebrate the launch of theDesk One Hysan Avenue, we were thrilled to invite members, neighbours, friends and associates. In this article we explain about who we are and what makes us a great choice for you and your business.

theDesk OHA
“It’s about designing a quiet environment that encourages collaboration and removes distraction.”

Reinventing co-working in Hong Kong

theDesk brings people together. Our unique inclusive community approach is about building valuable relationships between people; our members and the local community. We broaden networks and deepen trust; connecting people to create mutually beneficial business outcomes for all stakeholders.

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The next chapter in the story of theDesk began on Friday 8th December, with the official launch of our 5,077 sq. feet workspace at One Hysan Avenue. The company opened its doors for people to experience theDesk’s unique blend of personalised services and business support.

We may not have invented co-working but as one of Hong Kong’s premium homegrown companies in this sector, we’re passionate about reinventing work every day.

“Co-working options can be wild: ping pong tables, BBQs, banging music and free flow beer on tap. This is all beautiful and fantastic unless you need to get work done.”

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A reputation for excellence

Within one and a half years of opening, its award-winning workspace in Sai Ying Pun reached 80 percent occupancy. And the community continues to grow and diversify.

theDesk’s expansion to Causeway Bay brings the company’s placemaking approach to Hong Kong’s premiere shopping and entertainment district. Pre-launch, theDesk attracted significant attention from a wide range of companies, eager to benefit from our one-of-a-kind approach to flexible working solutions.

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Starting as low as HK$300 per day, theDesk’s flexible plans and pricing are attractive to all types of businesses. Having secured 40 percent occupancy rate, months before opening in Causeway Bay, the excitement is a clear testament to our current and prospective members’ belief in the company’s mission of bringing people together.

Meet the community: Welcome to theDesk One Hysan Avenue – Joyce Ho from Insider TV

Creating beautiful places to work

Co-working companies spend a lot of time creating distinctive interiors for their centres. For theDesk, the primary concern is what matters to our members and our neighbourhood communities.

theDesk OHA
“We’re not developing a place only to be different, but one that offers what our members ask for. It just happens to be minimal.”

“The interior design provides a blank canvas. But it’s people that bring the colour and texture to the environment,” explains theDesk Co-founder, Oscar Venhuis.

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From the logo and brand design, created by award-winning graphic designer Toby Ng, to the personal attention extended to members, theDesk stands out through it’s sincere commitment to promoting its communities, helping them attract attention and to build mutually beneficial connections.

To create One Hysan Avenue, theDesk partnered with multi-award winning architects Ida&Billy.  “Stripping down the superficial excitement with an uncluttered and minimalist design is a winning solution in the long run,” Oscar explains.

Building relationships beyond the space

theDesk is proud of being a homegrown company; deeply rooted in Hong Kong. While other co-working communities focus on benefiting paying members only, theDesk champions community building beyond the border of its physical space.

The approach has struck a chord with people and businesses looking for something more than free coffee and a hipster environment.

“What attracted us was the spirit at theDesk. We wanted a co-working space that shares our philosophy. A place to form connections, and build our network with other companies and individuals.” Julie Delignon, HelperChoice

theDesk OHA
As placemakers, theDesk has the opportunity to stitch together places. How do we do this? Through six simple and honest commitments.

Together,  great things happen

Forming close relationships is what we’re about. Whether it’s local cafes and restaurants, or Hong Kong’s leading property and leasing companies, such as Hysan Properties, we strive to build strong neighbourhood links and become a place for the whole community to enjoy and benefit from.

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Through theDesk’s initiatives, members are able to enjoy a superb range of perks with neighbouring businesses, such as discounted rates at restaurants and business services.

Diversity and inclusion in the heart of Causeway Bay

Our diverse communities include small medium enterprises (SMEs) in the fields of education, nonprofit, media, design and tech, to multinational corporations (MNC) that include transportation technology, event company and more.

“There is a richness to the experience. You don’t find that in traditional business centres. The information we need as a company is here. There are excellent resources and people you can talk to about what you want to do, and how to do it. What we gain from other people at theDesk is enormous.” Frank Doogan, Train the Teacher

TheDesk company is known for welcoming what many would consider underrepresented sectors of the working population, such as mumpreneurs and local artists. Art exhibitions and heritage events are part and parcel of theDesk experience.

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The newsDesk Magazine

Nothing demonstrates our commitment to members and neighbours more than the newsDesk Magazine. The online magazine shares community and neighbourhood stories, events and news with many thousands of readers.

What makes it unique is our not-for-profit media strategy. Without paid promotions, readers know that the insightful articles, promotions and listings are genuine, and not an attempt to hard sell.

Whether we’re promoting a member’s event or business, helping a company to hire new staff or sharing neighbourhood services, products and activities, the media team publishes a wide range of interviews and business articles to a wide, eclectic audience in Hong Kong and across the region.

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“Many of our members are running established start-ups and SMEs. They often have an existing network. What they’re looking for is less of a social environment, but more mutually beneficial prospects with a human touch. They invest in us not only for our location but also for our commitment to creating an inclusive community. This is an ethos that supports business growth and enables people to extend their network across the neighbourhood.” Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Thomas Hui


Contact us for media and partnership enquiries

Paul Johnson

Community Growth Director

+852 5697 6701

Be part of an amazing professional community

You’ll love working at theDesk at Leighton Centre, One Hysan Avenue and Sai Ying Pun.

Contact or today. Discover how our inclusive community, flexible plans and pricing can help start and grow your business.

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