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The ‘co’ in co-working: Become a placemaker at theDesk in Sai Ying Pun and Causeway Bay

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theDesk is planting seeds in Causeway Bay. Two beautiful co-working and events spaces at One Hysan Avenue and Leighton Centre open in November. We’re building inclusive communities in Hong Kong’s diverse neighbourhoods. What’s an inclusive community? We’ll show you.

Community? What does that even mean?

Let’s be honest, every co-working space, business centre and virtual office provider talks about community. What does that even mean?

You and I know that a community is more than a group of people working in a space. In fact, communities fall into a few broad categories.

Around 90% of organisations try to develop a community of interest. But in a co-working space, we don’t always share a common interest. Communities lose momentum because they compete with people’s free time and personal interests.

theDesk is building inclusive communities in Hong Kong’s diverse neighbourhoods; Sai Ying Pun and Causeway Bay. Our uniqueness stems from a passion for our people and the philosophy of placemaking.

A space and a place

Have you heard about placemaking? It’s an urban design philosophy focussed on creating places where people meet and interact in space. theDesk’s commitment to inclusive, connected communities is a neighbourhood approach to placemaking. We strive to be placemakers.

“It’s exhilarating. There’s a huge benefit to us being in Causeway Bay. We chose theDesk because of the location and the great flexibility.”
Pom Xu, Crimson Education

While it seems odd to define a neighbourhood as a space, at one level it is no more than a cluster of roads, buildings and amenities. But a place is different. A place is where you interact in unique ways with people and buildings around us. It’s an opportunity for discovery. We draw personal maps as we strive to turn spaces into places.

Our placemakers: Pom Xu – To Harvard and beyond

Bringing people together

As placemakers, theDesk has the opportunity to stitch together places. To create valuable relationships between our members and our neighbourhood. How do we do this? Through six simple and honest commitments.

Meet our placemakers: Train the Teacher: Crossing boundaries with online English

Innovation places

These days, there’s a lot of buzz around innovation districts. theDesk strives to be an innovation place. Innovation happens when people come together in a space to exchange ideas.

In our neighbourhoods, theDesk starts by creating a great space/place; one which can accommodate people, ideas and businesses. People like you and I. We’re placemakers who want to reshape and redefine collaboration in a community.

Planting seeds, growing roots

theDesk has grown deep roots in the heart of Hong Kong’s eclectic Western District. The neighbourhood is alive with creative industries, exciting educational companies and social enterprise.

Later this year, we’re planting seeds in Causeway Bay. Two beautiful spaces at One Hysan Avenue and Leighton Centre. It’s one neighbourhood with boundless opportunities in retail and technology.

“There is a richness to the experience you don’t find in other spaces. TheDesk offers us excellent resources and people to talk to about what we want to do, and how to do it. What we gain from other people in the space is enormous.” Frank Doogan, Train the Teacher

As a co-working space, we’ve welcomed entrepreneurs, freelancers, local businesses and multi-national firms.
Outside of office hours, the space becomes a place. theDesk is a neighbourhood platform for meetups, workshops, art exhibitions and all kinds of business seminars.

theDesk is your place. For all communities. An inclusive community.

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