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Smartlife Balance Open Day at theDesk

theDesk - Smartlife Balance Open Day
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theDesk partnered with Smart Academy, our member at theDesk Leighton Centre, to organize an event called Smartlife Balance Open Day earlier. It has been a wonderful day having neighbors and members meeting each other and learning new trends in life balance at theDesk Leighton Centre.

Smart Academy, co-founded by Suzanne and Cecilia, is an educational platform that share knowledge and wisdom and aims at bringing information to the community on how to live smartly. Bringing together the talents of different life skills ranging from bartending, coffee tasting, photography, nutrition, styling, etc., has been one of the highlights of Smart Academy’s vision. By leveraging the power from talents of various professions, knowledge can be shared among the community in Hong Kong. 

theDesk and Smart Academy come hand-in-hand in achieving one of our most important propositions, building an inclusive community. theDesk fully supported our members’ events on bringing positive impacts to our community not only with our event space, but also by working on co-promotion with our team to connect our members to surrounding neighbors. 

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