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Seven reasons you’ll love working at theDesk Leighton Centre

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theDesk Leighton Centre, our new 15,000 sq.ft. co-working centre opens in February 2018. If you’re looking for offices, desks event and project space, here are seven great reasons why we’re an ideal choice for you to start, grow and transform your business in Hong Kong.

theDesk Leighton Centre Hong Kong
Designed by award-winning architects, Ida & Billy, theDesk’s new centre provides space for companies of all sizes.

 Thinking big

Since theDesk opened our first centre in Sai Ying Pun in late 2016, we’ve established a reputation as a unique, quality workspace, with a diverse and connected community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs.

But like you, we think big. In December 2017 we opened our beautiful, boutique workspace at One Hysan Avenue. In just a few weeks it’s become home to a wide range of businesses, a busy events venue and a thriving professional community.

Get ready for theDesk Leighton Centre

We don’t mess around when it comes to creating the best co-working and events spaces. In February 2018, theDesk is launching our new and biggest space in Causeway Bay. You’ll discover offices that can accommodate from two to to 13 people, 66 hot desks and dedicated desks, seven meeting rooms, four phone booths and large communal areas – indoors and out.

So if you’re a business looking for an office, or a collaborative work and event venues for you, your team and your business, here are seven great reason why we’re your ideal choice.

1) The space you need, when you need it

With 15,000 sq.ft. (1393 sq.m.) of prime private offices, dedicated desks and open workspace, you’re sure to find the perfect place for you and your team. Different sized offices and spaces for project and innovation teams give you flexibility as your business evolves.

Who chooses theDesk? That’s simple. It’s people just like you. Companies like yours. theDesk is home to a vibrant and inclusive community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, SMEs, design and media businesses, health and lifestyle companies, food and beverage.

theDesk Leighton Centre Hong Kong
Designed for businesses of all sizes, you’ll find the facilities, space and services you need and expect.

Adaptable, private and with access to meeting rooms, phone booths and outdoor areas. In fact, you’ll find all the services and support you need to grow and succeed.

2) The location you want

You want a place in a great neighbourhood. A place with excellent transport connections, close to neighbourhood businesses, car parks, services and shops. At our new space, we’ve got you covered.

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay at 77 Leighton Road, theDesk is a fantastic location. Just a few steps from your quiet, calm workspace and you’re in one of Hong Kong’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. As they say, Causeway Bay is great from nine to five, but even better after five.

theDesk Leighton Centre Hong Kong
Enjoy an incredible space for your events and meetings with a 1,600 square feet outdoor podium.

3) Flexible, affordable and clear pricing

With rents at an all-time high across the city, theDesk’s range of clear plans and pricing are attractive to businesses of all sizes.

Whether it’s a few hours at a hotdesk, a desk of your own, a seven-person office or an area to locate a whole project team. Our competitive rates mean you can manage your overheads and run your business with confidence. No gimmicks or tricks.

Find out more: Special pre-leasing rates and contracts available. Contact or and enjoy theDesk’s brand new space with our early bird promotions.

4) Much more than an office – inside and out

More and more companies use co-working spaces for project and innovation teams. With 1,750 sq.ft. (162 sq.m.) of adaptable project and events space, theDesk Leighton Cente is two versatile venues in one.

theDesk Leighton Centre Hong Kong
With space for up to 50 people, the project space is ideal for driving innovation in teams.

Whether it’s a short-term project, a venue for photo shoots and video, or an exhibition and space. This is a fantastic venue for you, your colleagues and guests to come together.

5) Open all hours

With 24×7 access, 365 days a year, it’s no problem if you have a late Skype call with Europe or an early video conference with the USA.

You’ll enjoy secure, convenient access to the space and your private office. If you’re driving in, you can even check real-time parking space availability with the free Lee Gardens app.

theDesk Leighton Centre Hong Kong
At Leighton Centre, you’ll find offices and desks for businesses of all sizes.

6) It’s all about you

theDesk is a smart business. We apply a consultative and bespoke approach to you – our members. We do everything we can to support your business. It’s one of the things that makes us unique.

Whether it’s publishing your news, stories or events on our newsDesk Magazine and social media channels, or personally connecting you with other members or neighbourhood business. We help you create a valuable network of business contacts and fuel opportunities.

Meet the community: theDesk’s media team writes and publishes your stories, news and events on our newsDesk Magazine platform and media channels. It’s one of the many ways we create real value for our members and neighbours.

7) Changing the game

We don’t think small. And we don’t follow others. theDesk is working towards becoming a leader and a game-changer in the way collaborative space creates opportunities for you, your team, you company.

From the start, we built our reputation through bringing people together. By connecting our members, neighbourhood and local communities, we help create valuable and lasting relationships.

And theDesk takes design seriously. After all, this is a place where you’ll spend a lot of time, a place where you’ll welcome clients an host your events.

We’ve worked with award-winning architects to create beautiful, bright shared spaces. Our approach is about simplicity, creating a place that’s a blank canvas for you and your business. A place you can make you own.

In December 2017, Cocoon Architecture won a Merit in the Design for Asia Awards for theDesk’s Sai Ying Pun centre. In Causeway Bay, we teamed up with award-winning designers Ida&Billy to create fresh, bright and high quality spaces.

No distractions, no loud music, no ping pong tables. Just stunning, shared spaces where you can focus on what really matters – doing your best work.

theDesk Leighton Centre: Quick guide

theDesk Leighton Centre Hong Kong

Find the ideal place to start, grow and transform your business in Causeway Bay

Affordable, flexible co-working in great locations. A place to do your best work.

Contact or today. Discover how our inclusive community, flexible plans and pricing can grow your business in Hong Kong.

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