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Sai Wan, let’s take our relationship to the next level

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 theDesk has been in the Sai Wan community for little over a year now. And as we get ready to establish ourselves in other areas in Hong Kong, we think it’s high-time to finally put a label on this growing relationship we share. Tell us how to better our inclusive community.

Aside from being a co-working and events space, theDesk thrives through connecting our members to neighbouring stakeholders, residents and business owners.

As much as we add value to our own members through forging and facilitating lasting relationships with those around us, we are equally dedicated to adding value to the neighbourhood we are centred in. That’s why in the core of everything we do, lies the neighbourhood ethos of the inclusive community.

What do we mean by that? In short, here it is:

  • We connect our diverse members to our neighbourhood stakeholders, and vice versa. This way, we’re not only able to build symbiotic business relationships, but also lasting, personal ones that grow as the businesses themselves do.
  • Through the newsDesk, our media arm, we dedicate ourselves to shedding light on the history, people and stories in our neighbourhood, thereby helping preserve the rich heritage of the area.
  • Our location in the centre of Shek Tong Tsui, Sai Wan, puts us in a unique physical position to act as a community hub. We’re able to facilitate meaningful connections between all neighbourhood stakeholders through the events we hold and the content we write.

So, as we get ready to further root ourselves in Sai Wan while also expanding to the rest of the district, we want to hear from you, our neighbours.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be reaching out to you on how we can do better at building our inclusive community.

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