Nude art workshop at theDesk this weekend!

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Are you a budding artist who wants to draw or paint the human form? Join Hong Kong’s NuDD group’s life drawing workshop on Sunday to enjoy some wine, some chat and a naked model

There’s nothing quite like capturing the naked human form in all its glory if you’re an artist. The curves, the shapes, the lines – nude models have been been existence as long as people have been creating art. And now you can test your artistic skills as Hong Kong’s NuDD group comes to theDesk co-working, events and exhibition space in Sai Wan for a special Sunday workshop.

NuDD, which stands for ‘nude drink and draw’, is an experimental life drawing and sometime performance group that mixes art with social activities. It was launched two years ago, however over the past year it’s been all quiet due to the two co-founders’ work commitments. So this class, called ‘Earthing’, is the first one back after more than 12 months.

Co-founder Ha Yat Sing says: “I did life drawing in the first year of architecture school and went to groups in London and New York where you would drink, draw and mingle. It was such a great experience that I – along with my fellow co-founder Karbi Chan – decided to form NuDD so that people would not only get to draw or paint the naked human form but they can also drink wine and have a relaxed social activity at the same time, so the workshop doesn’t seem serious and everyone enjoys the process of making art.”

Sing says there were more than 30 workshops and events held by NuDD in its first year, mostly at restaurants and bars in Central and Western District. The group also worked with an array of creative organisations and individuals including a tattoo parlour, aerial silk dancers, theatre performers, composers and fashion designers, with two events being held outdoors. It organised an improvised theatre event called ‘6 Hours’ as part of Manifesta 11, the European Biennale for Contemporary Art in Zurich, Switzerland.

“It keeps evolving,” says Sing. “We have met a lot of models and new people, as well as different brands and venues. Yes, we stopped our events in our second year due to work – we’re both architects – so, not including our trip to Zurich, this class at theDesk is our first event in more than 12 months! In fact, we hope it’s going to be the first in a regular series at theDesk because we really like the idea of using the co-working space’s excellent facilities, particularly its courtyard, which has natural light. It’s like a secluded space in the busy Sai Wan urban setting. The courtyard actually inspired us to come up with the theme of ‘Earthing’ – a connection with nature and the Earth through meditation.”

“Art education in Hong Kong is skills-orientated,” continues Sing, “but we like to use art as a social tool. Nude art life drawing workshops are not so common in our city, so we offer something different, particularly with the wine drinking and relaxed social nature of the workshop. When a model is clothed, you lose out on the human body’s curves, shapes and muscle forms. We celebrate the beauty of the human form in our events. Basically, the model strikes poses and holds them from between two and 40 minutes at a time. We provide the paper and art materials, as well as wine and the model. All our participants have to do is turn up and draw or paint our model over the two-hour event, with a break in the middle. They can take their artworks home with them, of course.”

Model Winston Lau, who is also a performance artist, is looking forward to baring all at the class. He says: “I model not only so people can draw or paint me but also because I find it’s a great form of meditation. I can can focus on my own body while others also focus on my body. I’ve modelled in all sorts of spaces before – but never a co-working space, so this is going to be really different. I’m really looking forward to it.”

The workshop, which caters for between 15 and 20 people, is between 3pm and 5pm on Sunday July 9 out in the courtyard at theDesk. It’s $250 for members of the public and $180 for members of theDesk and NuDD returnees. It’s also $300 on the door. Register for the event at RSVP on NuDD’s Facebook Page at

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