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Member Stories: Think It Twice – Personalized mobile training for retail teams

theDesk member - Think It Twice
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Antoine Vatar, CEO and founder of Think It Twice, is here to share with us about the company and their experience working at theDesk Sai Wan. Think It Twice is a Hong-Kong based company dedicated to smart mobile solutions for learning.

Think It Twice operates since 2014. They provide a white label enterprise application called Albert, a personalized mobile training dedicated to retail teams. Training programs are adapted to the industry and brand’s objectives of the clients and help their team to get the information they need. Albert provides high frequency, relevance and flexibility which training is accessible to all users anytime and anywhere. And Albert can be integrated with operational system of the client which creates truly data-driven personalization of content and also makes the outcome measurable.

Antoine Vatar joined theDesk Sai Wan since January 2019 and he enjoys working at theDesk as it provides home feeling to him. theDesk team knows every member and make him feel like part of this community. Think It Twice always shares similarity with theDesk as both of them focus on community and the wellbeing of people.

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