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Member Stories: reaching out to opportunities in Bangkok with BKKCondo123

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We are happy to have Harry Chow, founder and CEO, sharing with us his company, BKKCondo123 for our new Member Stories Series and his mission in providing property investment services in Bangkok for Hong Kongers.

With years of property investment experience in Bangkok, Harry, founded BKKCondo123, a platform in providing property information in Bangkok through multiple of channels and intermediary services for Hong Kongers who would like to retire, migrate or invest in Bangkok. Harry shares with us what makes BKKCondo123 stands out are the variety of services namely organizing events and even leading guided tours to Bangkok with on-site experience. Starting a new living outside Hong Kong, Harry connects clients with his connections in Bangkok to build their community in the new city.

To catch up with the ever-changing market trends, BKKCondo123 requires a comfortable environment in boosting creativity and inspiration through clashing of ideas to explore new market strategies, while theDesk is the best option for them.

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