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Member Stories: notjustanum9er – Big in thinking

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We are so glad to have Sundip Sodha from notjustanum9er in our newest member video! notjustanum9er is a full-service design agency doing things from offline to online with market experiences span through Europe to America and have expertise with F&B businesses, retail brands, B2B and B2C and even individuals.

To stand out from their competitors in the market, notjustanum9er wins confidence from clients with their international market experience that attracts clients who would like to be a global player. Sundip is honest about notjustanum9er of being a small company but he pledges that their company is never small in thinking.

It is similar in the sense that both notjustanum9er and theDesk are keen to understand their clients’ and members’ needs in helping them with business achievements. Sundip also finds working in theDesk a great fun by interacting with other members with various topics no matter sports results or latest design trends. It is the variety of members in theDesk’s inclusive community that Sundip treasures the most being part of the space.

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