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Member Stories: JetOne Motion – Pioneer in VR industry

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We are happy to have Peter Yu, Matthew Chan and Dean Head in our latest member video to share with us the business of JetOne Motion and their latest VR cinema technology. They also shared with us their experience working at theDesk as being a member of theDesk Leighton Centre since February 2019.

JetOne Motion has engaged in high tech location-based entertainment business since 2014 and quickly established itself as the leader in VR industry with the introduction of various VR related businesses.  In addition, JetOne Motion has also engaged in developing AR/VR related content and applications that have attracted clients from all over the world. With the offering of experiential training that utilizes advanced VR and simulation devices as teaching tools, they conducted more than 1000 classes so far. And their newly VR cinema technology allows multiple viewers watching the same movie at the same time making it a totally new social VR entertainment experience for the mass.

theDesk provides a scalable space that can cater to the rapid change of different business needs. It provides opportunities to facilitate partnership among members and great synergy to the company. JetOne Motion always shares similarity with theDesk as both of them are creating values to their client and members and also creating a big community that empowers each other.

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