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Member Stories: Hume Brophy – An international communications agency with collaborative culture

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Thomas Kwan from Hume Brophy Communications, our member at theDesk United Centre is here to introduce the company and share his views on the similarities between theDesk and Hume Brophy.  Hume Brophy is an international communications firm specializing in Public Relations, Investor Relations and Public Affairs.

With more than 120 colleagues in major financial or political centres across the globe, including Dublin, London, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York, Hume Brophy has an established network of agency partnerships across the globe.

They work with some of the world’s most recognized brands in different industries such as financial services, trade and transport, technology, food and agriculture, and healthcare. Additionally, their clients value the collaborative culture of Hume Brophy as the company leverages expertise and experiences from the global team. Hume Brophy’s ultimate goal is to develop the most insight-driven communication programs that will help their clients achieve their business goals.

Thomas said one of the similarities between Hume Brophy and theDesk is collaboration, as both companies prioritize connecting people, finding commonalities and ways that people can potentially work together. Hume Brophy chose theDesk in particular because of its vibrant work environment and opportunities to potentially collaborate with other members in the space.

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