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Member Stories: DO IT – Ideas into Things

theDesk member - DO IT
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Elena Raho and Mark Chau from DO IT, our members at theDesk One Hysan Avenue, are here to share with us about the one-stop design services provided by their international team and how theDesk provides them with a great working environment which perfect fit for creative people.

Based in Italy, Hong Kong and Guangdong, the team has the talents from Europe and Asia to create a wide range of lifestyle products ranging from fashion, functional accessories, interior design to photo and video shooting. The team contributes to an all-rounded service as well from product design, production, branding to development management. DO IT is now working on creating a shared space in Milan for creative people from various industries, namely the creative industry, production industry and the service industry.

theDesk is like a white canvas for DO IT that leaves room for the team and other theDesk’s members to stand out with their own business. With passionate members from different industries, theDesk has created a positive and motivating working atmosphere for DO IT.

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