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Member Stories: championing cutting edge solutions with Zuhlke Engineering

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Following up on of our new Member Stories series, we caught up with Moritz Gomm and Man Yeung from the Zuhlke Engineering Hong Kong team based at theDesk One Hysan Avenue. They share their mission to help customers transform ideas into reality here in Hong Kong.

Empowering customers through 50 years of constant innovative technological solutions is what has driven the Swiss company’s, Zuhlke Engineering, exponential success worldwide. As they expand their presence into Asia, we at theDesk have had the pleasure to witness the Zuhlke’s Hong Kong team grow in a short span of time.

Executive Director and Partner, Dr Moritz Gomm, first led the Hong Kong operations as a hot desk member at theDesk Sai Wan back in 2017. In the blink of an eye, the team has grown, including the addition of Business Development Manager, Man Yeung. They now occupy an office space at theDesk One Hysan Avenue.

The company is a multi-domain solutions provider that has championed technological innovation for areas such as consumer device, medical technologies to software applications in the financial sector. Man shares with us what makes Zuhlke stand out from other competitors is their priority in sustaining a long-term relationship with customers rather than solely on sales revenues. Having to guide all kinds of businesses’ ideas into market success, Zuhlke required an environment that offers the flexibility to grow, both in size and creatively.

Zuhlke‘s core motto — ’empowering ideas’ — is a great motivation for us to provide the platform for innovators like them to do their best work.

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