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Meet the disruptive thinkers from roundPegz community

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roundPegz is a cultivated community of disruptive thinkers and rebel talents helping leaders and companies better manage the turbulence of and cope with the Black Swans of the contemporary business environment. 

roundPegz fellows are leaders in the science of work, the art of community and the incubation of ideas. They either have experience running disruptive and collaborative projects within global organizations or written cutting-edge research on leadership, organizations, strategy, and transformation. Our goal is to help business community think differently about work to attract high-potential talent, develop high-performance teams, and disrupt their market before it gets disrupted for them.

Dr. Richard Claydon
CEO, roundPegz

Arshad Chowdhury

I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my career, and I’ve always specialized in early-stage companies. I founded MetroNaps, which makes napping pods you might have seen at airports or at Google. I also founded InterviewJet, an e-recruiting company, and Power 20, a fitness app company. All three companies are still operating, are privately held, and are profitable. Today I invest in early-stage startups in the US, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh, and am focused on climate adaptation and resilience. I work closely with startup CEOs to help them refine their business models and prepare for fundraising.


Graham Barkus

As technology takes over the ‘tasks’ of work, I help people build the fundamental human qualities of resourcefulness, relational effectiveness and resilience – the foundations for collaboration, creativity and complex problem solving capabilities on which the future of work depends.


Iva Sladic Keco

I went from being a graphic designer to a change strategist and innovation facilitator.  Now I design collaboration experiences that save time, increase productivity and create conscious outputs.

What makes me tick is the spark I see in people when they have aha moments in my workshops. For the last two years, my focus is on building WakeMake, consulting and coaching businesses to deliver change programs for small and big businesses that go beyond one-off workshops. These programs align teams and empower leaders to co-create visions, help change-dreamers get buy-in and make change happen, and coach everyone to facilitate creative collaboration. 


Dr. Richard Claydon

I am the CEO of roundPegz, a cultivated community of disruptive thinkers and rebel talents employing the science of work, the art of community and the incubation of ideas to help leaders and companies cope with the Black Swans of the VUCA world. 

My research on the dimensions of high-performance during long-term organizational transformation has been reviewed as “outstanding”, “daring and imaginative” and “a touchstone for the future of management”. 

My MBA module on the “Future of Leadership” for Macquarie Business School’s online GMBA is one of the highest-rated fully-accredited leadership modules on the Coursera learning platform.

Dr. Richard Claydon

roundPegz a community of disruptive thinkers working with theDesk to try and help community members develop excellent work practices, deep industry knowledge and meaningful relationships in today’s complex and competitive world. 

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