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Meet Polina: theDesk’s community manager

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Meet theDesk’s community manager Polina Sarafanova! She is 26 years old and originally hails from Russia, however she’s worked in Paris and Hong Kong as well as her native land. You can meet Polina and the rest of our team at our next hiring event where you can learn more about our company and jobs at theDesk. Alternatively, visit our careers page. Find out more about Polina’s role from our question-and-answer session:

What is the role of a community manager at a co-working space?
To bring all the people in our co-working space together!

How important are people skills in your job?
Really important. People skills are your whole job. Yes, you do really basic technical things like answering emails but mostly it’s all about personal interaction. I go around our space all the time and speak to our members and make sure I listen to them. It’s all about making everyone welcome.

What are your day-to-day tasks?
My day-to-day tasks include talking to our members, plus meeting visitors to our space and taking calls and emails. I also make sure the facilities in the building are all working well. It’s all about keeping in constant touch with our members and meeting new people to the space, as well as helping to organise and conduct events. For an event, I usually come up with a topic that would be interesting or useful to our members and to people in our surrounding Sai Ying Pun and Kennedy Town neighbourhoods and then I research that topic. I then contact speakers or people related to whatever event we want to put on and organise the date, the materials needed and all of the other details before I get together with theDesk’s media team and make sure the event is promoted.

What are the best parts of your job?
Meeting new people and working with existing friends at theDesk. I love being part of events and making sure we have a really inclusive community. I feel that being a community manager is a really rewarding role!

Come and meet Polina and our team at theDesk’s special Hiring Day on Wednesday March 1. We at theDesk are looking to expand our business and we’re looking for smart, highly motivated people to join our team. We are looking for community hosts who can speak both English and Cantonese, plus operations staff, leasing and business development managers and marketing and editorial interns. Come along between 7pm and 9pm at theDesk, 511 Queen’s Road West in Sai Ying Pun to find out more. Registration is required. RSVP at

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