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Logo chic: Award-winning design for theDesk’s unique approach to co-working

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theDesk introduced it’s new logo in summer 2017. Designed by award-winning consultancy, Toby Ng Design, the logo takes centre stage as our co-working space prepares to expand operations across Hong Kong and beyond.

Have you seen a new logo pop up on our website today? Have you also noticed our logo has changed on our social networks like Facebook? And have you been down to theDesk co-working and events space in Sai Wan over the past couple of days and seen a grand new design on the front of our building? Yes – we’ve just rebranded. And we’ve done it to deliberately coincide with the ‘entering of a new phase as a co-working space’ as we prepare to go ‘citywide’.

It’s been more than a year since theDesk’s Queen’s Road West space opened and, in that time, our founders, members and staff have been preparing to expand across the city – and beyond. We’re getting ready to release news on the second theDesk’s exciting opening in another part of the city, however you’re going to have to wait a week or two for details on that massive project. But, to celebrate, we’ve just rebranded with our chic ‘n’ unique new logo.

“This new logo gives us a new identity. It’s not just beautiful but it’s also meaningful and represents the power of our ‘inclusive community’ ethos.”

Designed by award-winning designer Toby Ng and his team at branding communication consultancy Toby Ng Design – which is a member at our Sai Wan co-working space – the logo celebrates our ‘inclusive community’ ethos. This is where we work with and champion businesses and people in our local neighbourhood of Sai Wan, Sai Ying Pun and Kennedy Town. It’s an ethos we’re rolling out in new theDesk neighbourhoods in the future.

Co-founder Oscar Venhuis says: “This new logo gives us a new identity. It’s not just beautiful but it’s also meaningful and represents the power of our ‘inclusive community’ ethos. A powerful identity personifies who you are and what you stand for as a business. Our new logo embodies all of this in one simple and unique visual.”

Toby Ng spent months working on the logo, which uses desk-like shapes. He says: “The logo is formed by two shapes – both desks. A circular and a rectangular desk overlay each other to form a letter ‘D’, which stands for theDesk. The overlapping also stands for co-working and sharing, as well as theDesk’s core value – its inclusive community. The logo therefore stands for everything that theDesk stands for in its simplest and purest form.”

Ng says the identity of theDesk ‘is not only formed by this new logo but also by other visual languages that we are building with theDesk team’. He says: “This includes the font, the colour and the signages. It all communicates the brand values, shows what theDesk stands for and differentiates it from all the other co-working spaces in Hong Kong.”

“It’s great to see such a sophisticated and contemporary brand identity appearing in the Sai Wan area,” concludes Ng. “How this identity stands out will evolve in different areas of Hong Kong and the rest of the world as new theDesk spaces open. It’s great to help theDesk build its brand from the very beginning and we’re looking forward to seeing how its identity grows as this co-working space has the potential to be recognised across the world.”

Come and visit our space at 511 Queen’s Rd W, Sai Wan, between 9am and 6pm on weekdays. Read all about Toby Ng here. And watch out for news on new site openings from theDesk over the coming days…

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