Leave the office behind and head to the high seas

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The Whale Life, which provides relaxing sea trips for busy people, is launched in Sai Ying Pun, with an excursion coming up this Saturday

Working in Hong Kong can be a ridiculously stressful experience. Most of us slave for long hours every day with little chance of some decent relaxation. But one enterprising young woman is trying to give us busy Hongkongers a break from the trials and tribulations of office life. Aasavri Talwar has just launched a company from her base in Sai Ying Pun that gets the overworked out of the city and on the ocean waves for long days of peace and quiet. Welcome to The Whale Life.

The Whale Life basically organises boat trips out in the Hong Kong waters that are aimed entirely at busy city folk and include a range of relaxation activities rather than the more traditional style of junk parties which rule our seas over the summer. And the first sojourn is this coming Saturday, April 22, aptly named Silence at Sea. Look forward to an eight-hour trip that ‘leaves behind the honking, drilling, yelling and smoking of the city and escapes into nature for some complete silence’. There’s a healthy lunch, guided meditations with Hong Kong-based therapist Dr Monica Borschel and plenty of opportunities to lie back and relax when the boat weighs anchor in the middle of nowhere.

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We have laid out eight different events for this coming season,” says Talwar. “The first one is the April 22 event. It’s a unique eight-hour retreat that encourages the participants to detach from the fast-paced city life and embrace the quietness, taking place on a junk in the middle of the sea. There will be guided silence sessions and nutritious foods to eat. The itinerary is curated-yet-flexible so that people can re-energise and be rejuvenated. You expand your horizons only by increasing the amount of experiences you have. In most busy cities, it’s quite easy to fall into a monotonous routine which stops the addition of new experiences. The Whale Life breaks the routine.”

Talwar was born and raised in New Delhi, India, and moved to Hong Kong six years ago to study product design at the HK Polytechnic University in Hung Hom. The 23-year-old also did a six-month exchange programme at the Delft University of Technology in Holland. After graduation, however, she moved to Hangzhou on the Mainland for work but, as she says, ‘there was something about Hong Kong which made me miss it a lot, so I returned back after a few months and I’ve been here since’. While Talwar was at university, though, she says she undertook a water craft design project, designing a ‘luxury spa yacht experience’. And she liked the idea so much it stuck with her for years, so she refined it and went on to launch the concept just a few weeks ago. “The Whale Life,” she says, “is a concept that provides curated experiences at sea. We aspire to create and offer experiences that range from wellness and fitness to art, culture and entertainment.”

The name The Whale Life, says Talwar, obviously plays on the aquatic theme. She says there will be regular relaxation trips coming up but she also has other ideas like barbecues and even ‘escape room’ puzzle experiences out at sea. “All the experiences and events curated by The Whale Life,” she says, “have a common aim of having a great time, meeting amazing people and harvesting deeper social and emotional connections. In fact, the business could grow into an exclusive experience brand for Southeast Asia in the future. I want to provide different experiences for locals and holidaymakers. Ha, in 10 years’ time I hope we’re celebrating a ‘whalley’ extravagant 10th birthday for The Whale Life! But first we’re looking forward to relaxing out at sea on Saturday.”

Silence at Sea boards at 10am on Saturday April 22 from Central Pier 10. Tickets cost $650 each. For more details see

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