Kids use marshmallows to create buildings at theDesk

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Forget toasting marshmallows over an open fire. Using these fluffy candies as building blocks is Hong Kong’s newest craze. On Saturday March 18, kids from across the SAR got together at theDesk co-working and events space in Sai Ying Pun to use spaghetti and marshmallows to construct mini-buildings which would be, if made on a grand scale, ‘safe for children’. It was all part of the first trial workshop of architecture-driven education provider WeCanBuild. The youngsters, all between six and 12 years old, were supervised by three trained tutors, two of which are registered architects in the city.

The children were inspired by the architects to first draw a sketch of their buildings and then they built the models out of the foodstuffs. There was a castle, a theme park and an oil platform that was built to withstand a tsunami, to name a few. With the help of the supervisors, the kids were taught how to think like an architect so they could build their models based on their sketches. There was a relaxed, fun environment and the children all said they were satisfied with what they created, plus they were happy to present their masterpieces to their parents at the end of the session. One mum said: “I was quite impressed to see my daughter having fun in such nicely decorated studio. I think she got a taste of what being an architect is like!” Another mum added: “It was an excellent workshop and we really enjoyed going to theDesk. The location was very convenient, so I could take the MTR to HKU station, drop the kids off at the workshop and then shop around nearby!”

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