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Turning challenges into opportunities through collaboration

Now more than ever, the business community needs to work together to overcome the challenges it faces in the short and long term.  At theDesk, we believe in the power of collaborative communities. Guilds is set up to provide a platform for you and your organization to make a real difference and effect positive change which will make Hong Kong future-ready.

Every industry vertical is represented and our membership network spans all levels of the organizational hierarchy. More importantly, the cross-pollination across different industry verticals ensures that new ideas and processes can be explored and applied in different contexts.

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Through a series of bespoke virtual and physical workshops, roundtables and seminars, our exclusive network of industry professionals will engage in meaningful dialogue and work collectively to develop roadmaps to solve the challenges their industries face.

The members of the Guilds are open-minded and new thinking individuals who are humble enough to admit that they don’t know what they don’t know.  Everybody consciously contributes and shares their experiences whilst learning new skills and approaches for their businesses.

Guilds is also tailored to enable its members to develop new leadership skills and discover high level talent on their teams – ultimately making them and their enterprise’s future industry leaders.

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  • Hume Brophy
    Thomas Kwan from Hume Brophy Communications, our member at theDesk United Centre is here to introduce the company and share his views on the similarities between theDesk and Hume Brophy. Hume Brophy is an international communications firm specializing in Public Relations, Investor Relations and Public Affairs.
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  • Cubiks
    We are happy to invite Peter Finch, the Managing Director of Cubiks for Greater China to introduce their company and share the story working in theDesk One Hysan Avenue. Cubiks is an international assessment and talent development consultancy that helps many of the world’s most prominent companies to design and implement robust solutions to overcome key talent challenges.
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  • JetOne Motion
    We are happy to have Peter Yu, Matthew Chan and Dean Head in our latest member video to share with us the business of JetOne Motion and their latest VR cinema technology. They also shared with us their experience working at theDesk as being a member of theDesk Leighton Centre since February 2019.
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  • Insider TV
    We are happy to have Joyce Ho, Director of Sales of Insider TV, sharing with us her company and her experience working at theDesk One Hysan Avenue in an extraordinary way. Insider TV is a publishing and content marketing company focused on travel and lifestyle.
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  • Think It Twice
    Antoine Vatar, CEO and founder of Think It Twice, is here to share with us about the company and their experience working at theDesk Sai Wan. Think It Twice is a Hong-Kong based company dedicated to smart mobile solutions for learning.
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  • LaLiga
    Eduard Castell from LaLiga, our member at theDesk Leighton Centre, is here to share with us their goal of international expansion and how they drive local engagements in Hong Kong as an international league.
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  • Solux
    Michael Ma and Bessie Dai, co-founders of Solux, are here to share with us about their company and their experience working in theDesk. Solux provides performance improvement consultancy services to their clients and specializes in business transformation enabled by digital technologies, with a focus on the design of new and unique customer experience via an "outside-in" approach.
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  • notjustanum9er
    We are so glad to have Sundip Sodha from notjustanum9er in our newest member video! notjustanum9er is a full-service design agency doing things from offline to online with market experiences span through Europe to America.
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  • DO IT - Ideas into Things
    Elena Raho and Mark Chau from DO IT, our members at theDesk One Hysan Avenue, are here to share with us about the one-stop design services provided by their international team and how theDesk provides them with a great working environment which perfect fit for creative people.
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  • EEM Asia
    We are happy to have Agnes Yu, Director at a leading international show jumping event’s organizer, EEM Asia, to share with us about their business and future projects.
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  • Orichal Partners
    Following up on of our new Member Stories series, we are happy and honored to have Anthony Wong and Scottie Siu, co-founders of Orichal Partners, to share with us about their company and their experience as being a member at theDesk Leighton Centre.
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  • BKKCondo123
    We are happy to have Harry Chow, founder and CEO, sharing with us his company, BKKCondo123 for our new Member Stories Series and his mission in providing property investment services in Bangkok for Hong Kongers.
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  • Zuhlke Engineering
    Following up on of our new Member Stories series, we caught up with Moritz Gomm and Man Yeung from the Zuhlke Engineering Hong Kong team based at theDesk One Hysan Avenue. They share their mission to help customers transform ideas into reality here in Hong Kong.
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  • Elevate
    In the first of our Member Stories video series, we had the privilege to sit down with Darren Cunliffe, Senior Vice President at leading international business risk and sustainability solutions provider, ELEVATE.
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