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In Pictures: ReTech Mixer

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theDesk’s first retail technology mixer, ReTech, at Hysan Place was a great way to get to know the neighbourhood as we get ready to open two new coworking and events spaces in Causeway Bay, and a chance for people in the retail and technology sectors to share insights and experiences over a drink or two.

Ahead of two new site openings in Causeway Bay, theDesk held our first mixer and neighbourhood get together at One Hysan Place this past Tuesday. CWB is Hong Kong’s retail hotspot, and theDesk is excited to become part of the dynamic, ever evolving fabric of the area and its booming retail industry. Expanding and carrying on the neighbourhood ethos we’ve built over the last year, we met our new neighbours; professionals from retail, technology and related industries. A chance to introduce ourselves and bring people together, and focus on innovation in ReTech in a low-key atmosphere.

The evening began with welcome speeches from Oscar Venhuis, Co-founder of theDesk, and Mark Tung, General Manager of Corporate Communications at Hysan. We are heartened and grateful to receive such  encouragement from Kitty Choy, Director of Retail and Marketing, Jessica Yip, Director of Offices and Residence, and the entire Hysan Team, who came on Tuesday to show their support in great numbers.

Recalling the evening, Oscar Venhuis said “Our first ReTech Mixer with Hysan highlights the need for an industry event where experts share new ideas and discuss the latest innovations in Causeway Bay, the retail mecca of Hong Kong.”

Continuing, Simon Gillow, Media Director of the Desk, tells us that “The retail landscape is evolving rapidly as consumers increasingly turn to online shopping and ecommerce generally. Our first event was a great opportunity for the community to come together and share insights about how to create online/offline experiences, which will enhance Causeway Bay’s reputation as one of Hong Kong’s most vibrant and dynamic retail districts.” Hoping to provide a platform for these discussions, theDesk will be planning these mixers on a regular basis, providing a platform to create and continue conversations while building an inclusive, connected community.

With thanks to HOME Alimental for sponsoring the night’s wine and drink, as well as Red Pocket Bar in CWB for putting on a happy hour for us after the event. ReTech was productive night of new conversations – a chance to make new connections and share insights. As theDesk prepares to open two new coworking spaces in the heart of Causeway Bay, we are working hard to get to know the neighbourhood and become a hub for the business community in Causeway Bay.

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