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How events and workshops can drive creative business ideas

theDesk event - HSBC Pop Up Counter
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Success in any industry is a culmination of mindset, method, and knowledge, through which companies can stay current, adapt to changes and get ahead in their fields. While this is often viewed as an individual effort, the reality is that community plays a crucial part in the success of any business. Through meeting other people, collaborating and gaining knowledge from a diverse range of sources, business owners gain valuable new tools that can be applied to their work.

To help promote community in Hong Kong, theDesk is hosting a series of events and workshops that aim to inspire members and neighbors with new ideas and creative concepts. As part of a larger trend in the business community at large, and in order to provide people with new skills, knowledge, and tools, events offer a unique opportunity for people to come together and interact with new ideas in a co-working environment. This kind of seminar is not only useful in responding to the needs of members, but also in providing opportunities for members and neighbors to meet and build mutually beneficial connections.

Gaining new knowledge and methods

It is always important to understand how business trends are evolving. Building knowledge through listening to a diverse range of people and gaining new connections is a crucial part of success. This idea drives theDesk to host series of talks, workshops and panel discussions, which are a regular opportunity to break members out of their daily routines, invite members and neighbors to speak about their work, share their expertise, and stimulate conversation around the major trends and changes that are affecting industries in Hong Kong. For example, an event around HR and recruiting in March for our Inspiring Thursday series focused on the new practices and technologies that are reshaping the way companies seek talents and make hiring decisions. The event served as a panel discussion for speakers and members to share their own experiences from their respective fields and to learn and grow from discussing these changes with each other. April explored the topic of cybersecurity in Hong Kong, and in June the discussion is around how to expand business opportunities to the PRC.

Building new skills to your work

Business leaders should always be seeking new skills and tools to drive their own innovation: according to a Deloitte survey, 66% of businesses felt that innovation was fundamental to their success. It is crucial to always look for new skills, and cultivate a healthy mindset of growth. In a recent event, theDesk introduced members to the idea Applied Improvisation, the practice of utilizing the same improvisational skills used by musicians and actors, but off the stage. Through a series of exercises and discussions, participants were given the opportunity to break out of their normal routines and expectations, and learn a new series of habits that improve listening, problem solving, creativity and innovation. Of course, new skills doesn’t just mean business seminars. Wellness of the body and mind also leads to broader horizons of knowledge, which we promote through activities such as a community yoga class, art classes, as well as ongoing art exhibitions at our Sai Wan space.

theDesk - Event - Applied Improvisation workshop
Improviser Kay Ross guided in some co-operative improv games so that participants can build those skills and approach life and business with an improv mindset.

Responding to the needs of members

Furthermore, members in coworking spaces are often in phases of growth, and as such are seeking guidance to help their companies grow. Because of this, theDesk strives to design events and opportunities based on direct feedback from members, and from conversations. For example, we invited HSBC to provide tailored consultation services to our members and surrounding neighbors to help answer their financial questions. For two weeks HSBC set up a private consultation pop-up counter at theDesk Leighton Centre, helping to answer a wide range of questions for members and provide the services they needed. Similarly, a workshop with Conpak introduced members to the crucial do’s and don’ts of intellectual property, arming them with important brand-building skills. The success of these events was based on the fact that they were created by listening to and responding to members saying what they need, and then designing experiences around those needs. Because of this, members receive not just general knowledge, but the right knowledge that can be applied to their work.

theDesk - HSBC & Conpak, community event
Conpak provided our community the beginner’s guide to the three main types of intellectual property – trademarks, patents, copyright, and how they can be protected across different countries. And to support our members’ entrepreneurial dreams, HSBC has set up a pop-up counter for private consultation services at theDesk Leighton Centre.

Connecting members & neighbors

And it is crucial to create and foster opportunities for members to interact with each other, as well as with the broader community around them no matter it’s through these business events, or some social events to enable members to meet the community in a casual setting such as community luncheons, Tuesday Treats, Happy Wednesdays or Wine Down Fridays, etc. This helps them to get to know their fellow members’ businesses and to start thinking about where they can potentially collaborate and generate business value. Interaction with one another lies at the core of human nature. Through socializing, people create dynamic environments that fuel collaboration and the growth of communities.

In order to incorporate more innovative thinking into business practices, people must constantly expose themselves to new ideas and methods of problem-solving. Co-working spaces are already a great environment to encounter new people and business methodologies. Through events and workshops, co-working spaces can accelerate that process, and introduce new methods of innovation to the members’ business practices. As a foundation of Inclusive Community, events are one of the most meaningful ways to foster conversation, build valuable connections in the community, highlight people, and provide valuable knowledge-building opportunities around the needs of members.

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