How could you integrate into the local business community when you start your new journey in the UK?

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In order to expand your business or start your career in the UK, how can you quickly and effectively get access to local resources and market insights to create business opportunities?

Co-working spaces that gather like-minded people

Being in a co-working space with a powerful community is one of the options. A community that consists of entrepreneurs, professionals and creative problem solvers who are willing to exchange their insights and knowledge can potentially help your business grow faster.

theDesk is collaborating with two other co-working space operators that puts community at the heart of the business.

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Scale Space – London and Nottingham

Space Space situated at the west London which close to Imperial College. (Internet Image)

Supported by Blenheim Chalcot, UK’s leading digital venture builder, Scale Space is a unique network of venture builders, universities and innovative scale-ups brought together to unlock the potential of business innovation. As a member of Scale Space, get access to their extensive network, specialists and scale-up services.

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CodeBase – Edinburgh

CodeBase located at Edinburgh city centre in Scotland. (Internet Image)

CodeBase Edinburgh is UK’s largest technology incubator. Home to over 90 companies who have collectively raised over half a billion dollars in investment, it is the tech hub in the city. CodeBase has a strong partnership with government, corporates, universities, including Stirling Council, Barclays and University of Edinburgh.

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Other than business opportunities, being in a community can help you understand and adapt to local cultures. Cultural differences can often impact your business because of misunderstandings. So, be brave and make the first step to integrate with the local community.

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