HelperChoice launches its academy to reinvent training for domestic workers

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HelperChoice, the social platform connecting helpers and employers, announced today the launch of its HelperChoice Academy. This breakthrough innovation offers a new form of quality, flexible and practical training for domestic workers in Hong Kong.

Domestic workers can get unlimited access to a wide range of training classes thanks a monthly subscription.

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Learning and growing

“We think that all employees should be able to grow by learning new skills throughout their lives. Domestic workers should not be overlooked, and it’s their employers’ responsibility to make sure they have the right skills to do their daily job. But also, to support them in the development of new skills,” says Julie Delignon, HelperChoice Country Manager.

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Only 11% of domestic workers received training during the last year*. HelperChoice Academy makes domestic helper training affordable. The innovative format means that more and more employers can offer training for helpers and help them develop a range of practical skills to enhance their work.

The Academy provides a win-win situation for both the helper and the employer. Domestic helpers learn skills which are directly applicable to their daily duties such as how to prepare more balanced meals, maintaining healthy relationships through communication and a range of practical themes.

A precious community

“HelperChoice has hundreds of thousands of members. Numerous members keep in touch even after many years using our service; sharing thoughts with us and giving feedback. Thanks to the precious input of our community, we have put together an programme which is useful for both parties. It’s easy for helpers to access, which is important when they have tight schedules. It’s a great choice for employers who are cautious about budget,” says Florian Garivier, HelperChoice’s co-founder.

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A subscription-based model

Instead of offering one-off training classes, the employers can now support their domestic workers’ continuous training with a monthly subscription. With HK$190/month (HK$120/month for the first 40 subscribers), domestic workers can access to an unlimited number of classes.

Created by experts

HelperChoice worked with the best educators and training professionals to define the content of the workshops.The Academy offers a rich catalogue of classes such as cooking, baking, kitchen management, sewing, financial management. Helpers can also develop their English and Cantonese skills.

“More and more workshops are planned for the coming months. We’re starting with one or two classes per month and increase the volume of classes throughout 2018,” says Julie Delignon. With an ageing population in Hong Kong, the company want to fill the skills gap through courses in  elderly care, first-aid, conflict management and other areas.

Prioritising practical skills

The HelperChoice Academy curriculum is designed to develop domestic workers’ skills that are readily useable in their day to day jobs.

From an “a-la-carte” programme, helpers and employers can choose classes based on their needs, preferences and the helper’s availability. Employers and helpers can access a list of upcoming workshops directly on the HelperChoice platform. Registration takes only two clicks once the employer has taken a 12-month subscription.

New horizons

Practical everyday skills are important. But this is also an opportunity for domestic workers to explore new horizons by trying different classes and addressing a wide variety of needs. HelperChoice are partnering with professionals to provide one-off training covering many advanced or specific skill areas, such as wine tasting and first-aid.

HelperChoice – a growing business

HelperChoice team is expected to double in size this year with the launch of its Academy but also the development of end-to-end services for employers and domestic helpers. The company continues to fuel tech growth in Hong Kong, and looks to hire numerous roles through the end of 2018. Interested parties can learn more about HelperChoice here.

* Percentage of domestic helpers who replied “never” to the question “How often does your employer offer you training?”. The survey of 250 domestic helpers was conducted by HelperChoice from 9th until 15th October 2017.

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