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Great news for young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong

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Calling all young entrepreneurs. Po Leung Kuk Young Entrepreneurship Foundation (YEF) opens a new round of funding from 1st October until 30th November. If you’re aged 18-35, running a business or still planning to start up, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to apply for a maximum HK$150,000 grant.

Po Leung Kuk is a household name in Hong Kong. theDesk’s new neighbour in Causeway Bay provides a wide range of community services across the territory. On 1st October, they will launch their Young Entrepreneurship Foundation Programme, offering funding, training and networking to 18-35-year-olds.

Po Leung Kuk set up the Young Entrepreneurship Foundation (YEF) in April 2016 as a way to nurture young local entrepreneurs through funding and training. The next round of grant application starts at 9 am on 1st October 2017.

All 18-35-year-old Hong Kong permanent residents are eligible to apply for a grant and there is no restriction on the type of industry. There are grants available for different stages of business development. Whether you are prototyping, starting up or scaling your existing business, applicants can receive the funds, support and guidance they need for success.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Hong Kong’s budding entrepreneurs so spread the word. Check Po Leung Kuk’s YEF Facebook page for more details and remember to visit the YEF website on 1st October.


Application Period and Deadline

  • Starts at 9:00 am on 1st October 2017
  • Closes at 5:45 pm on 30th November 2017

Quick facts: Po Leung Kuk

  • Po Leung Kuk was established in 1878
  • Po Leung Kuk means ‘protection of the young and the innocent’
  • Originally they rescued women and children, victims of kidnap, abduction and trafficking
  • Today, Po Leung Kuk is Hong Kong’s leading social service organisation and fundraiser
  • It currently has 260 service units and 500,000 service users each year
  • The organisation provides educational, welfare, cultural and recreation services to the general public
  • Currently, there are 8000 members of staff. If you want to serve the community, you’re welcome to join and be part of their team
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