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Four principles of theDesk’s new flagship space – United Centre

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Are you in search of a workspace situated in the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district with a simple yet contemporary design, that offers you endless business opportunities, and connects you with like-minded people? Well, look no further because theDesk’s new flagship space in United Centre is now open for pre-leasing. Following two years of developing our vision in Causeway Bay and Sai Wan, we’re proud to have a new 36,000 sq. ft. space in Admiralty to call home.

theDesk - United Centre

Flexible & Manageable

We totally understand being flexible is the key to survive in a constantly changing environment. Our flagship space enables us to meet the ever-growing business needs of our community by providing flexible solutions ranging from 1-9 person private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks, and a 3,500 sq.ft. multi-functional event space that can accommodate up to 450 guests. The new event space is particularly versatile and can be used for a variety of events including seminars, training days, launch events, result announcements, conferences, and even fashion shows!

9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday is an outdated methodology of work and our members often need to connect with clients or their counterparts across the world, at any time. United Centre space is the workspace allowing you to get in touch with your client at Dubai who works on Sunday or have a video conferencing with your headquarter counterparts in United State. So the added benefits of secure 24/7 access, phone booths, private lockers and more, enable our members to better manage their time and handle any business complications they’re faced with.

Ultimately, we all know that Hong Kong life can often be hectic and somewhat unpredictable. Therefore, we’ve created an environment that is adaptable and can fit seamlessly into your schedule and your life – whatever your needs.

theDesk - United Centre - Event Space
Our 3,500 sq.ft. multi-functional event space that can accommodate up to 400 guests and cater to a variety of events including seminars, training days, launch events, result announcements, big conferences, corporate parties and more.

Phenomenal Productivity

We see our new United Centre space as the very essence of the latest iteration of the co-working phenomenon – co-work 2.0. Primarily focusing on creating productive vibe at work, we removed all the aesthetic trappings, like ping-pong and free flow beer, of co-work 1.0, our new space is a nexus of productivity and simplicity, guaranteeing you to use our quiet and cultivated environment to boost your productivity and take your business to new heights.

Hassle free and well equipped, we provide you with all the office essentials and operation support, making you free from the trivial daily operation work and focusing on the tasks really matter to your business. You don’t even worry about our communication problem, our on-site multilingual support team is always here to help!

We deliver value to our members’ businesses in a number of ways, such as business matching and social community events, but to really maximize productivity it’s key that we instill and adhere to the principles of co-work 2.0. In doing so, we foster a collaborative atmosphere that encourages all members to work in tandem to create spontaneous solutions and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Staying in CBD without breaking the bank

As we’re only a 2-minute walk from Admiralty MTR, Central is close at hand. The benefits of this proximity cannot be understated and whether you’re a startup or an established MNC having easy access to legal, banking and other professional services is a real boost to productivity. Also, thanks to Admiralty’s position as a transport nexus – merging three MTR lines and connecting Hong Kong Island with Kowloon – our community will have easy access to a balanced mix of commercial and retail centers. Admiralty’s accessibility will also serve to further diversify the wonderful mix of members we already have at theDesk and we can’t wait to see all the new faces around the space!

theDesk - Admiralty MTR
Admiralty is one of the primary transportation hubs of the city. Not only does the station merge three metro transit lines and connect Hong Kong Island with Kowloon, but it also houses several bus terminuses, providing you with a variety of ways to connect to the rest of the city.

Furthermore, given the prime rent rates and vacancy rates in and around Hong Kong’s CBD, our new flagship space offers a reasonable alternative for those not looking to break the bank. Prime rates in Greater Central average around $125 per sq. ft. and with vacancy rates across the district already at record lows, it’s predicted that further competition for space will drive prices up by as much as 7% going into next year.

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Fruitful Community Connections

As with all our prior spaces, the United Centre will, at its core, be an “inclusive community”. Developing an inclusive community has long been one of theDesk’s core missions and that will be no different in our new neighborhood of Admiralty. Through thorough and thoughtful business matching, amongst our members and neighboring businesses, we ensure that fruitful collaboration can flourish in this increasingly shared economy.

The community that originates at the United Centre may even become our most inclusive yet, given that the neighborhood is cocooned between the Central and Wan Chai – meaning it will foster a unique coalescence of work and leisure. Lastly, given the location of Admiralty, we expect numerous FinTech businesses, SMEs, and Consulting Services all to flourish at the United Centre space.

If you’ve just finished reading this and are thinking that these values are awfully like your own, then head over to our website now and learn more about our special pre-opening rates. We look forward to welcoming you all to the new space in Q1 2019.

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