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Everything you need to know about theDesk’s new Admiralty site

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We’re excited to announce that theDesk’s highly anticipated Admiralty space is just around the corner, the grand opening is scheduled for early 2019. We wanted to give you a little run through of what you can expect at our upcoming space, what it means to have an office space in Admiralty and what the neighborhood will bring to your business.

theDesk - New site - Admiralty
Admiralty is the business center of Hong Kong with an extensive public transport network.

Admiralty, The Nexus

First and foremost, anyone who has visited Hong Kong knows that Admiralty is one of the primary transportation hubs of the city. Not only does the station merge three metro transit lines and connect Hong Kong Island with Kowloon, but it also houses several bus terminuses, providing you with a variety of ways to connect to the rest of the city. Being at a convenient location with an extensive public transport network is a great benefit for any businesses aiming to reach out and collaborate with other businesses across the city.

Admiralty’s proximity to Central is a big advantage for enterprises of any size. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational corporation, chances are that you’ll need support in terms of legal, banking and other services – more than 90% of international law firms are found in Central, the central business district of Hong Kong. These services are essential to all kinds of businesses and it’s no doubt that the Admiralty space’s location will come in handy when members are seeking professional services.

A Balanced Lifestyle

Furthermore, the fact that the neighborhood is sandwiched between the central business district and the retail district of Wan Chai means it has a unique blend of work and leisure. With our ultimate mission being to unlock the power of our local neighborhoods, the combination of a retail and commercial area means there is a lot of untapped potentials. At our Causeway Bay space, we’ve witnessed countless members benefitting from the advantage of the shared economy, as well as enjoying the lively after-hours environment, the embodiment of a great work-life balance. We’re confident that Admiralty will deliver a similar experience to all our members.

theDesk Admiralty - Pacific Place
The mall at Pacific Place offers world-class shopping and dining with around 140 shops, boutiques, department stores and restaurants.

Fintech Takeover

As our CEO and co-founder of theDesk, Thomas Hui, pointed out, ‘As Hong Kong pushes to become a smart city and set to play a key role in the innovation and technology-focused Greater Bay Area, we are seeing more business opportunities for technology-driven companies.’

Thus, the need for fintech companies in Hong Kong is likely to grow in the coming years and, Admiralty — with its shared economy and convenient transportation —will serve as an excellent location for any fintech business headquarter.

Currently, at the new Admiralty space, we’re valued on small and medium enterprises, new economies and as mentioned above, fintech companies. We believe that, given what Admiralty naturally offers, these types of businesses will blossom in the area. Yet, as with all the other theDesk spaces, we welcome members from other industries to further stimulate innovation and collaboration.

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Stay Tuned

Want to take a sneak peek of the interior? At the moment, all we can tell you is that the space will be spread across a single floor and will incorporate a large event space. As for the design, even though we’re collaborating with a really exciting interior designer, we don’t want to blow the surprise — so stay tuned for the big reveal!

Despite the new features at the Admiralty space, our core values and mission remain unchanged. As mentioned above, we pride ourselves on integrating with our neighborhoods so that every one of our members can benefit from a shared economy. With our co-work 2.0 principle, lifestyle elements are no longer at the center stage and the emphasis is primarily on productivity. Adding value to both our members and the community has always been our driving motivation and the Admiralty space will continue this legacy.

While strengthening the internal ties between theDesk members is vital, we also pride ourselves on integrating into our surrounding neighborhoods.

Hereby we’d like to extend a warm thank you to the Admiralty community for allowing theDesk family to join your inclusive neighborhood! We’re looking forward to bringing new people together and making things happen at our new space. Check out more details about the new flagship space now.

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