Co-working – your next move?

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Hong Kong has the world’s most expensive office space, the average cost per year for a regular office will set you back around HK$220,000, that’s more than three times as much as the average cost for a rented desk at a co-working space – HK$60,000. The cost savings of moving into a co-working space are clear but there are numerous other benefits to be enjoyed from working in a shared space, regardless of whether you’re a freelance entrepreneur, SMEs, or an establish MNC. Below are 3 major perks that you can expect to enjoy if you make theDesk your new home for next year.

Cost Savings

Whether it’s the down payment of a deposit, the signing of a long-term lease, or general overhead, renting traditional office spaces in Hong Kong can be a costly expenditure. This is especially true for freelancers or solopreneurs who are just launching their businesses and are trying to keep their costs low.

theDesk, on the other hand, offers flexible and competitive payment rates that means whether you need a hotdesk for a day , a private space of your own, a 6-man office, or a training room for your entire team, we can provide a solution that allows you to manage your business with confidence. As our Commercial Growth Director, Paul Johnson, explains “You don’t need to suffer any additional costs – for example, management fees, legal fees, utilities, CAPEX, and so on… also, you don’t get locked into a long-term, inflexible lease.”

The beauty of theDesk is that all of the options are available to you no matter you are looking for a 6 pax office space or meeting room, we provide unique solutions for your specific enterprise.

At theDesk, you also don’t have to worry about paying for any underused office space. “Co-working is part of a shift towards a more sustainable, sharing economy,” Paul explains. “In one sense, it challenges the notion of personal ownership because resources are shared between you and the whole community.”

Inclusive Community 

Another major benefit of locating your business in a co-working space such as theDesk, rather than at home or in a mobile setting, is the ability to network and collaborate with a diverse group of members. Working remotely, or from home, means losing out on the synergy of working with like-minded and inspirational people. When you’re surrounded by an inclusive community, that’s well integrated into its surrounding neighborhood, the opportunities are close to limitless.

This is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs and SMEs who often are looking to develop a solid customer base, require the help of other professional services, and are generally looking to develop a network of mutually beneficial business connections. At theDesk, members can be assured to find all of these benefits and the inherent makeup of our spaces inspires creative collaboration and value-added connections. 

Through numerous business and social events, theDesk ensures that its members are regularly meeting potential customers, gaining visibility for their products and services, and striking a good balance between work and social life. It’s hard to put a value on the connections that you forge at theDesk but if you’re proactive and open these relationships can increase productivity and drive your business forward. Plus, our friendly on-site team is always around to assist you with any enquiries and ensure that you feel right at home at theDesk.

theDesk - Events
theDesk regularly hold on-site business and community events to which all our members and neighbors are invited.

All Inclusive Amenities 

The other major perk of making theDesk your base of operations is that you have all-inclusive access to a wide array of amenities. Our range of hotdesks, different sized private offices, and communal spaces gives you all the flexibility you may require as your business evolves. For example, say you need to move to a larger space halfway through your agreement due to more staff joining your team or perhaps you want to move from our Sai Wan space to our Hysan Place space due to an unforeseen business issue, that’s all possible and our in-house team will guide you through every step of the process.

Furthermore, when working at theDesk you can avoid any additional expenses such as utilities, new furniture, appliances, and unforeseen lease service charges. These may seem like small issues but often these practical necessities can add up to a lot of lost time and money, derailing your productivity and business growth. 

At theDesk, all these amenities are available to you upon arrival. This allows you to focus on your clients and growing your business – the key mission of our co-work 2.0 principle. Also, all our spaces are accessible 24/7 and this means that our members can remain productive through the day and night.

Making the move from a traditional office space, or even just from your current remote work setting, may seem daunting and costly at first. But hopefully, this article has given you some insight into some of the major benefits a move to a space such as theDesk can provide you and your business. If you’re looking to make a move in 2019 why not book yourself a tour at one of the spaces and take a look for yourself at what an “inclusive community” really looks like. 

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