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Happy Valley has always been a special neighborhood in Hong Kong. Nestled below the mountains on the Island, it’s home to numerous residential buildings, restaurants, sports clubs and the Hong Kong Jockey Club. It’s located just south of Causeway Bay, with the well-known Leighton Centre acting as a waypoint between the two areas. Despite all these amenities, that make living in the valley one of the most popular choices for locals and expats alike, it’s still not as convenient as other neighborhoods in terms of accessibility. However, theDesk Leighton Centre space is strategically located at the entrance of Happy Valley and its proximity to the busy areas as well as its creative surroundings make it the perfect choice for freelancers, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs to work.

Happy Valley Racecourse, the landmark of Happy Valley, is one of the popular hangout places in Hong Kong, especially their Happy Wednesday with the thrill of live horse racing, live bands, exciting F&B choices, etc

Complimentary Companions

Happy Valley and Causeway Bay go together like Char siu and rice. Even though they’re quite different in terms of look and feel, they complement each other in more ways than one. Whatever each neighborhood lacks in services (restaurants or shops etc.), one can simply walk to the other for whatever they may need. Leighton Centre is located directly in between the two, serving as connecting points and situated in the south side of Causeway Bay, surrounded by numerous office buildings as well as shops. It’s known as the “calmer” side of the neighborhood, away from the throngs of tourists and shoppers that congregate around Fashion Walk and Hysan Place. Happy Valley is an area that lacks in office and coworking space. With so many freelancers and creatives who live in the area, having a venue which provides a space for them to work is essential. Therefore, our spaces at Leighton Centre and even One Hysan Avenue are conveniently situated mere footsteps away.

The focus on lifestyle, sport, and relaxation often makes Causeway Bay a more appealing residential area compared to Wan Chai. For instance, health-conscious individuals can find an array of vegetarian and vegan eateries. The proximity to Victoria Park – the largest park on Hong Kong island – provides ample opportunities for a stroll or some exercise and clubs like the HKJC act as networking hubs for young, like-minded, professionals. All in all, this vibrant neighborhood is a great place for creatives looking to base themselves in the area for work.     

theDesk Leighton Centre contains two large outdoor terraces, one of them overlooking the green rolling hills over Happy Valley.

Leighton Centre

Located on the quieter side of Causeway Bay, Leighton Centre and its surroundings are home to many shops and restaurants. It’s typically not as busy as shopping areas such as Times Square or SOGO, and so it offers a more relaxed vibe. There are numerous furniture stores, lifestyle stores, barbershops, specialty cafes and restaurants that make up this bustling community – especially around Haven Street and Leighton Road. Many of which are just a stone’s throw away from theDesk and form part of the inclusive community culture that brings all our neighbors and members together. The Leighton Centre’s surroundings are particularly conducive to theDesk’s mission of creating an inclusive community of members who share the same mentality of supporting each other in achieving professional endeavors.

Inclusive Community Amongst Creatives

Our Leighton Centre and One Hysan Avenue spaces are hubs full of creatives, such as our members DO IT and notjustanum9er, from different industries and backgrounds. Being immersed in an inclusive community, that’s well integrated into its surrounding neighborhood, means that there are countless opportunities at your fingertips. This works particularly well for new ventures and entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a customer base or freelancers who are looking for new projects to work on. This all equates to creating mutually beneficial relationships – a value that’s echoed throughout not only at theDesk but also in different areas surrounding Causeway Bay.

As more and more young professionals to become freelancers and entrepreneurs, finding a workspace that’s centrally located, in a fantastic neighborhood, with a strong sense of inclusive community, can be quite challenging. Having theDesk in such a convenient location (midpoint between Happy Valley and Causeway Bay) makes it a great choice for numerous professionals and freelancers to establish themselves within the community, learn from others and contribute as well, further enhancing this already bustling neighborhood. 

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