Causeway Bay – The district of many faces

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Just a few MTR stops away from theDesk Sai Wan is one of the busiest neighborhoods on Hong Kong Island — Causeway Bay. Home to numerous large-scale shopping malls, commercial buildings, restaurants and bars, it’s a district that hardly sleeps. For theDesk members, the area should be familiar as two of our renowned sites – theDesk Leighton Centre and One Hysan Avenue – are located there. As for other locals, Causeway Bay is known as a multifaceted place that encourages collaboration, drives innovation and encapsulates numerous aspects of the Hong Kong culture.

A retail tycoon

Unlike Central, whose name alone conjures a sense of financial gravitas, Causeway Bay feels more like a rebellious brother who decided he was going to drop out of school and pursue his own path. The seriousness of the financial world hasn’t managed to quite take hold here and you can find numerous shops, bars and restaurants interspersed amongst the looming financial centers. Despite its financial shortcomings, it has been ranked as the world’s second-most expensive retail district, only falling behind New York. This proves that behind the hectic hustle and bustle, Causeway Bay is a well organized and efficient retail machine. The district’s irrepressible energy has also enhanced the dynamic network of theDesk’s Causeway Bay community. Not only are our members well-connected with each other but also with their neighbors, encouraging both collaboration and discovery.

A multi-talented entertainer

When talking about shopping, SOGO is the name that rules above all in Causeway Bay. Once filled with middle-class locals buying various products, it’s now home to a stream of affluent tourists fighting for Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags. Especially in May and November during Sogo Thankful Week, when an overwhelming amount of people flood into Causeway Bay to battle it out for the special offers.

Of course, Causeway Bay offers more than just retail therapy. Social hubs such as Times Square, Fashion Walk and World Trade Centre, are great places in which to hang out with friends. With a range of cafes, restaurants, sports clubs, karaoke bars and cinemas, Causeway Bay is capable of adapting to all kind of tastes and interests.

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A master chef

When it comes to dining, even if you’re a picky foodie, you’ll be more than satisfied in Causeway Bay. From French foie gras, Spanish tapas, and American burgers to Singaporean laksa, Vietnamese pho and Chinese dim sum – you name it, Causeway Bay has it. On top of that, you can also enjoy some Hong Kong street delicacies such as stinky tofu, fried pork intestine, egg tarts and pineapple buns. Streets like Haven Street and Tang Lung Street, consist almost solely of restaurants and bars. Whether you’re on a budget or have just received a big bonus, there’s guaranteed to be something just for you. It’s safe to say Causeway Bay is the true flag-bearer of one of Hong Kong’s nickname — Gourmet Paradise.

Dim sum is one of the famous food in Hong Kong and also known as “yum cha” (meaning “drink tea”), it always associates with a family gathering on the weekend.

A reputable scholar

If you’re starting to think that Causeway Bay is all play and no work, think again. The district, home to the Central Library and several prestigious schools, has a long-standing history of being Hong Kong’s breeding ground for intellectuals and thought leaders. The distinguished all-boys school Queen’s College and reputable all-girls school St. Paul’s Convent School have given rise to some of the city’s most influential characters. In short, you may say that Causeway Bay is a rather accomplished scholar.

theDesk - Causeway Bay - St. Paul
St. Paul’s Convent School (SPCS), a Catholic secondary school for girls, is one of the oldest Grant-in-aid Schools in Hong Kong, was founded in 1854.

An antique collector

Last but not least, Causeway Bay is known for appreciating the history and culture of Hong Kong. Tucked between all the newly-built high rises, are a plethora of traditional pawn shops and street-vendors. Back when bank loans were still a relatively new idea, people would trade their precious belongings such as watches and jewelry at pawn shops. It was a popular arrangement because it was a fast and paper-free process. Once the person’s financial situation allowed, they would then repurchase their assets for a higher price. That is why, to this day, pawn shops possess a large amount of valuable antiques. Even though these establishments are no longer considered the primary place from which to secure a loan, they still carry the collective memories of generations and are always a fun to explore for trinkets.

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Each aspect of Causeway Bay has a unique, if not somewhat contrasting, persona. However, this juxtaposition is exactly what drives the fusion of creativity, productivity and vitality found amongst theDesk’s Causeway Bay communities. So next time you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to drop by and experience this innovative melting pot for yourself. Keep an eye out for our upcoming office tours, workshops, seminars and events!

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