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Building an authentic and cohesive personal brand

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One the defining phenomena shaping the world in the Post-Internet era is social media. Business networks, blogs, chat apps, and last but not least social networks, have reimagined the way view one another. By 2021 it’s predicted that social media will have some 3.02 billion monthly users, that’s about a third of the global population. One of the common misconceptions of this ever-growing beast is that it’s a personal and “social” form of media that is not critical to the success of person’s career. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

By RFi Asia

A Holistic Approach

Business partners, stakeholders, colleagues, and recruiters will now look beyond your CV and offline credentials to uncover the real you, your personal brand. This doesn’t just mean taking a quick peek at your LinkedIn skills and achievements but rather reviewing your entire approach to branding across all channels and platforms. Once you understand this point, it becomes rapidly clear as to why a holistic approach to personal branding is vital to the success of your career and business.

The underlying key to personal branding success comes from understanding to how to use each platform to its advantage and as result, communicating with the specific target audience of each platform in an impactful manner.

Unique Platform Contributions

LinkedIn, primarily a platform for communicating with business associates and prospective employees, requires you to put forward a detailed and professional persona. A persona that is reflective of how you would conduct business. Ensure your profile is complete with a suitable profile picture, elaborate on the achievements, successes, and responsibilities you had in each of your roles, and pay close attention to the fine details.

Facebook, while predominately viewed as a more social platform, is vital to portraying a more authentic side of your personality. Interested parties will often look to Facebook to learn about the “rough and ready” you and in this sense, it can be a highly effective platform if used correctly. Ensure you share content that is of real interest to you, whether that is certain charity work you’re involved in, sports teams you’re a part of, and general causes you hold close to your heart. In this way people will gain an authentic sense of who you are and will be more open to trusting what you’re promoting. Facebook is also very sophisticated for targeting specific audiences, allowing you to tailor who can and can’t view certain content and parts of your page – utilize this function to ensure that the right people are getting the right message at the right time.

Instagram, the most visually driven of the major social platforms, is a must for all those building a brand in the creative world. The platform in of itself acts as a calling card and portfolio for your personal brand, therefore it’s vital that you spend the time creating a cohesive and engaging visual narrative. It’s also important to note that Instagram doesn’t have the same level of privacy control or audience segmentation as the likes of Facebook, so be sure to think about what each piece of content says about your brand before you post it.

Twitter and WeChat, while still not particularly prevalent in Hong Kong, are incredibly important for people doing business in the surrounding region and further afield. Utilizing these platforms as a way to keep your finger of the pulse of wider markets is essential for those looking to be upwardly mobile outside of Hong Kong, especially in China and Singapore.

Finally, a lot of these platforms are now offering private sharing functions such as Stories and direct messaging. These quick and digestible avenues of communication are particularly adept at promoting your brand through paid promotions and advertising, so bare that in mind when strategizing how to connect with your audience through each platform.

This brief introduction highlights how each platform contributes to different aspects of your personal brand. Learning how to complement each of these platforms with one another is ultimately the key to building a complete and authentic brand narrative. To further understand the nuances behind building a personal brand join theDesk on Thursday, May 30th, when David Ko, Senior Vice President of RFI Asia, will be sharing over 20 years of branding expertise in an interactive workshop. Having helped a range of international brands and individuals over his career, David has a wealth of knowledge that will be invaluable to all in attendance. RSVP here.

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