Big Offices, Open Workspaces and Premium Locations

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When it comes to office environments, people value and wish for a combination of space, convenience, flexibility and sociability. The reason many businesses, big and small, are moving into co-working spaces is that they can find all these benefits in financial hubs like Hong Kong. By moving your office into a co-working space, you’re able to have the best of both worlds. Within your private office space, nobody will disturb you and you’re free to concentrate and work in peace. But step outside and you’ll find an open workspace that fosters networking, business growth and inspiration alongside a suite of all the facilities you would come to expect. The effect of this? While your private office space in itself might be smaller, the open workspace will act as a comfortable extension where you can make yourself feel at home. In short, co-working spaces can offer a bigger office combined with open workspaces and all the lifestyle benefits of premium locations.


What open workspace offer

Open workspaces are like a second home to your office. A common misconception about open work areas is that they’re simply a place to socialize and have fun. Some co-working spaces are starting to design their open workspaces to feature simple, clean and minimalistic furnishings to maximize your productivity. By renting a private office, you’ll automatically gain access to the open workspace and all its benefits. And with access to outdoor terraces and podiums, your office feels far bigger than the actual floor space you’re directly paying for.

At theDesk, we value our shared spaces for what they can bring to your business and have designated almost 4000 square feet of our United Centre space floor space for shared use. This effectively means that the open workspace will likely dwarf the size of many private offices. Providing amenities such as coffee machines, front desk services, printers and more within, open workspaces give the perfect reason for anyone looking for a change of scene to hop up and move around what is essentially one huge office.

Your own neighborhood

Apart from the open workspace making your available office space physically bigger, having a shared office space also significantly expands your business’ reach. Fostering our very own community and neighborhood amongst members, these spaces offer far more opportunities to network in comparison to traditional office spaces. They present you the chance to get out of your seat in your private office and meet new people daily.

Co-working spaces themselves love to place great emphasis on encouraging inter-member collaboration and networking. Events are often held in the open workspaces and the networking exposure often spreads farther afield than just within co-working space itself thanks to advertising on multiple platforms and the fact that people tend to bring friends and family from all walks of life. Social events are especially common among co-working spaces: theDesk, for example, hosts both Friday Wine Down and Tuesday Treats as well as business orientated events like Inspiring Thursday workshop and Community luncheon that serve to facilitate the growth of members’ businesses. In this sense, a shared office environment helps to create a welcoming neighborhood vibe in the area, giving the effect of having a far bigger office than what the price tag would suggest.

Striking the balance between private offices and open workspaces

The balance in question is all about being able to feel at home in the open work area while also having the security of being able to return to your private office space at any time. Co-working spaces offer an alternative to traditional offices and give you the ability to have a stable and flexible workspace solution in premium locations of Hong Kong. Rapidly modernizing along with consumer demand and preference, the result is a reasonable, all-in price for an office space with a central business district address.

Considering all the advantages of an open workspace, it seems that co-working spaces are striking the perfect balance between the private and open workspace. And in typical fashion of co-working spaces, this balance is paired with unmatched flexibility. Your private office space is always easily expandable owing to lease periods as short as 3 months, meaning you can expand only exactly when you need to, eliminating one of the major concerns with scaling up and down your team.

Overall, one of the primary benefits of shared office spaces is that they seem far bigger than what you specifically pay for. Members can both find privacy and concentrate in their own private space designed to fit their own specific needs, or step outside into the open workspace and gain access to the wealth of networking, community events, and likeminded people. Finding a balance between these two worlds is something that more and more businesses are turning to co-working for, fully geared towards finding an environment perfect for the more mature businesses looking for a viable alternative to the expensive office spaces in Hong Kong’s CBD.

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