A true neighbourhood affair: Join us at ‘Parcels of Hope’!

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‘Parcels of Hope’ sees Sai Wai neighbours, theDesk, Tree of Life, Justice Centre and illustrator Lun Wong collaborating to bring you a community event that benefits two vulnerable populations in Hong Kong: the homeless and refugees

Tomorrow marks our first collaborative charity event at theDesk co-working and events space in Sai Wan. In perhaps our most ambitious event yet, theDesk joins forces with four other neighbourhood stakeholders in doing our little Sai Wan part in providing for the greater good.

‘Parcels of Hope’ sees the neighbourhood community joining together at theDesk, packing travel-sized bath and hygiene products into goodwill boxes that will be delivered to the homeless population via Sai Ying Pun community hub and charitable organisation, Tree of Life. A nominal ‘gift-fee’ of $100 a box will go to Justice Centre, a human rights organisation that rents designated desks at theDesk. Together, the proceeds will help two vulnerable populations in Hong Kong: the homeless and refugees.

We’re also happy and heartened to announce that, aside from the two beneficiary organisations, we’re enlisting the charitable natures of two other neighbourhood stakeholders in contributing to our effort. Hotel Jen, which has joined us in a promotional partnership recently and is just a stone’s throw away from our Sai Wan space, has kindly donated hundreds of shampoos, shower gels and complimentary hygiene products from its boutique hotel rooms to insert into our goodwill boxes.

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Speaking of this effort, Catherine So, spokesman for Hotel Jen, says: “Hotel Jen Hong Kong is very pleased to partner with theDesk and to support this meaningful charity event with one of our key beliefs – to closely connect with and support our neighbourhood community.” Amen, sister!

Aside from our wonderful friends at Hotel Jen, within our home at theDesk is also a charitable soul who, despite a busy schedule and the stresses of being a one-man band, is more than happy to help us in our endeavour. Lun Wong, an illustrator, muralist and painter who has an office at theDesk, has been able to take time out of his packed schedule of painting to design and draw a beautiful card for this event, pro bono. The image he’s devised, depicting two people holding hands, is simple but speaks volumes. “It’s about support, right?” explains Lun, “and letting people know they’re not alone. Sometimes the easiest way of communicating that is by touch. It’s as simple as someone holding your hand, letting you know that it’s going to be okay – and that you’re not alone.” And with this thoughtful image, this beautiful sentiment is to reach hundreds of people. We count ourselves lucky to have members like Wong.

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So, with Tree of Life, Justice Centre, Hotel Jen, Lun Wong and the team at theDesk helming the efforts behind ’Parcels of Hope’, we’ve created a truly neighbourhood affair. We’re all driven by a love for the community and the core belief that we’re truly greater the sum of our parts. And, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the contributions of others from the community! So we hope to see you there tomorrow, adding your bit to our collective effort as we help those in need.

If you’re ready to do some good on Saturday July 22 between 12.30pm and 3.30pm, pop into theDesk. We hope to see you there! Register by emailing or using the form below or at

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