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A photography exhibition like no other: Kakahuette to show their masterpieces at theDesk

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Beautiful photographs taken by artistic talents from across the world is on show at theDesk co-working space in Sai Wan from now to December 20, 2019. The latest in the space’s ongoing exhibition program is set to wow visitors as they view the works of artists who are part of Hong Kong’s diverse Kakahuette collective.

Cityscapes, minimalist works, night scenes and black-and-white masterpieces will be up on the walls at theDesk, thanks to the online collective that was launched a little over a year ago by co-founders, both from France, Richard Jay and Steven U. These are two photographers who share an ‘intense passion for the art’.

The pair met in Hong Kong when they were working in the banking industry together two-and-a-half years ago. “We started talking about our passion,” says Jay, “and then we found we also shared the same ideas on the value of photography collectives and with working with other artists to give them a forum for people to see their works. We both spent time looking at Instagram and we realised just how many talented photographers there were across the world who needed the chance for others to see their works.”

So Jay and U scoured the globe for talent and began selecting works for their website, where customers can buy limited edition prints. The collective has, at the moment, 20 photographers and they live across the world, including in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. “Two of them are actually pilots,” says Jay. “They are only in Hong Kong for a few days every month and they obviously travel a lot but they still find the time to take some awe-inspiring photos.” Kakahuette does not have a physical space, so all of its photos are displayed on its website or at exhibitions, where a QR code takes visitors to the site.

Photo of the co-founders of Kakahuette, Steve U and Richard Jay

Almost all of the group’s current photographers will show their works at theDesk. The pieces, which will be around the theme of minimalism and simplicity, matching perfectly with theDesk’s own minimalist workspace ethos, will be on display across the co-working space’s three floors, open to the public between 9am and 6pm every weekday. There will also be a special opening party from 7pm on 8.30pm on November 14, 2019. Jay will be there to talk visitors through the pieces, as will some of the artists, alongside staff from theDesk.

Jay says a lot of the amateur photographers you see on Instagram do their day jobs but also manage to find time to take great images. “This is why we came up with the concept for our Kakahuette community,” he says. “We wanted to connect these photographers and help them get their incredible works out there for people to see, to appreciate and to buy.”

Jay says Kakahuette helps the photographers by organising exhibitions, such as the one at theDesk, or by organising commissions for their work or getting them involved in pop-ups at bars and restaurants across Hong Kong. “We cover really different styles,” he says. Kakahuette, which is a phonetic translation of ‘cacahuète’, the French word for ‘peanut’, was actually launched in a co-working space so it is fitting that its pieces will be on the walls of theDesk.

Neighbors By Rupert Höller

“We know the importance of working in a great space,” says Jay. “And we have been really impressed by theDesk and its style. It’s a minimalist space and we showcase some minimalist photographs, plus it’s also a community and so are we. We’re looking forward to the exhibition and the opening night and we hope to see as many photography enthusiasts there as possible!”

Cecilia Chan, Chief Community Engagement Officer at theDesk, says: “We’re really pleased to be collaborating with Kakahuette and we can’t wait to showcase their works at our Sai Wan space. We have been showcasing artworks on our walls at the space for the past three years and these exhibitions have been hugely popular, showing how diverse our co-working space can be.

“We’ve found that having artworks around our co-working space isn’t just beneficial to the artists and the public who view them. It also benefits our members as it makes the space much more relaxing and interesting, thus helping them to work and increase productivity. We look forward to this next exhibition of talented photography artists from across the world.”

The Kakahuette exhibition will be at:

theDesk in Sai Wan,
511 Queen’s Road West,

Now to December 20, 2019

If you would like to come to the opening night on November 14, 2019 , RSVP now.

Are you interested in displaying your artworks at theDesk?

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