5 Sai Ying Pun hideaways you need to try!

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When it’s time to blow off a bit of steam, Wan Chai, Lan Kwai Fong, and Soho are likely the spots that spring to mind. Yet, if you’re eager to experience new bars and restaurants, Sai Ying Pun may soon become your new favorite district. Just a ten-minute walk from theDesk’s Sai Wan location, Sai Ying Pun is handy for both a quick lunch and post-work drinks. Here are our five favorite hideouts for you and your colleagues to check out.

1. Yuan Is Here

Sai Ying Pun Hideaways - Yuan Is Here

On a narrow, hilly street in Sai Ying Pun, there’s a tiny restaurant that you’d likely miss if you weren’t paying close attention. The minute you walk in, it feels like you’ve been transported to 20th century Taiwan. The wooden walls are plastered with vintage posters, old train tickets, and classic signage.

Yuan Is Here serves authentic Taiwanese and will satisfy your cravings for braised pork rice, oyster omelette, different varieties of bubble teas as well as the infamous bun – gua bao. The daily queue outside the restaurant is all the evidence you need to prove how delicious the food is.

  • Hours: 11am – 10pm (closed Mondays)
  • Venue: 73 Third Street
  • More:

2. Winston’s Coffee

Sai Ying Pun Hideaways - Winston
Fancy a cup of coffee at lunch? Want to grab a casual drink after dinner? Winston’s coffee is the place to be. As the name implies, Winston’s is renowned for coffee – from mochas and chai lattes to macchiatos and cappuccinos. Yet once the sun goes down, a range of espresso martinis, special cocktails, and beers, come out to play. Located on a small, quiet street, Winston’s coffee is ideal for a quick timeout during the day although do bear in mind that it closes early on Monday.
  • Hours: 7am – 11pm (closes at 6pm on Monday)
  • Venue: Shop 4, 213 Queen’s Road West
  • Web: 

3. Ping Pong 129 Gintoneria

Sai Ying Pun Hideaways - Ping Pong 129

If you’re planning to carouse after dinner, you’ll want to know about this next spot. From the outside, it’s a shop selling ping pong paraphernalia, but upon entering you’re thrown into a bar that feels like a secret FBI hangout. Specialising in gin and tonic, the bar does away with any fancy interior in favor of a funky repurposed industrial space. The hipster vibe is something we’ve come to recognize in bars of late but with its outstanding array of gin and tonics, Ping Pong 129 Gintoneria has a unique allure that attracts people from all across town.
  • Hours:  6pm – 11pm
  • Venue:  L/G Nam Cheong House, 129 Second Street
  • More:

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4. Potato Head

Sai Ying Pun Hideaways - Potato Head

The name Potato Head rings a bell for all Toy Story fans. Though to Sai Ying Pun natives, it means something a little different. It represents tempting Indonesian food, heavenly drinks, and an imaginary escape to the stunning island of Bali. Your tropical soul will be set free here.

Not only is Potato Head a restaurant with a spectacular interior, it’s also full of Southeast Asian creativity and the hidden bar at the back will be sure to provide you with a new insight into both music and art.

  • Hours: 12noon – 11pm (opens at 11am on Weekends and not until 6pm on Monday)
  • Venue: G/F, 100 Third Street
  • More:

5. Brut! by Pata Negra House

Sai Ying Pun Hideaways - Brut

If Asian food and drink aren’t your cup of tea, let’s go further afield on the world map to Spain. This newly opened spot in Sai Ying Pun pledges to provide a brand-new dining experience with its delicate tapas and carefully crafted organic wines.

The two founders are well-experienced cooks who’ve previously worked alongside world-renowned chefs including Michelin Star holder, Lise Deveix. It’s guaranteed to be a gastronomic experience you’ll never forget.

  • Hours: 5pm – 11pm (closed on Sundays)
  • Venue: Shop C, G/F, 1 Second Street
  • More:

The 5 spots above are just a taster of what’s available in the upcoming neighborhood of Sai Ying Pun. There are many more amazing places waiting for you to explore, so next time you need to take a breather from hustle and bustle of theDesk remember – Sai Ying Pun is right on your doorstep!

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