5 Cozy Sheung Wan Cafés

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Christmas is coming! So, it’s time to start thinking of where you can spend your holidays cozied away with a good book and a cup of hot coffee. In order to help you hide away from those chilly days, here are five cafés found around Sheung Wan that we recommend checking out.

1. Café 34T

Sheung Wan - Cafe34

Café 34T is unlike any other café you’ve been to. In addition to the comforting atmosphere, there’s a pinch of playfulness permeating throughout the café. Several big LEGO blocks are scattered across the café and they’re constantly being played with by the two resident puppies – BenBen and Mika. The LEGO blocks are also innovatively used as makeshift tables are for those who’d like to sit outdoors and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Sheung Wan. Café 34T has created a very welcoming scene and encourages many pet-owners to come down with their beloved dogs and cats. You certainly won’t miss this charming café when you pass by.

2. Barista Jam

Sheung Wan - Barista Jam

William, a serious coffee connoisseur, founded Barista Jam with the aim of sharing his passion with like-minded people. His love for coffee shines through in the way the all his baristas treat their coffee and beans. Their special drip coffee and breakfasts are highly spoken of throughout the city and we’ve yet to come across anyone who hasn’t had an enjoyable experience at Barista Jam. While small, this quiet café is perfectly suited for those who want to while away their Sunday mornings in comfort.

3. Why 50

Sheung Wan Cafe - Why50
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While the unassuming shop front of Why 50 may go unnoticed, the enticing aroma of coffee that wafts out its doors most definitely doesn’t. Another local favorite, Why 50 is a real hub amongst the Sheung Wan community and you’ll often find the place littered with people working on their laptops while sipping a cup of fragrant coffee.

The bright interior design and relaxing music supplements the homely feel of the space, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular spot amongst the district’s freelancers and co-working members. They also occasionally hold latte art workshops, led by their professional baristas, so do keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming events!

4. Teakha

Sheung Wan Cafe - Teakha
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If caffeine isn’t really your thing, we recommend popping by Teakha for a soothing cup of tea. As the restaurant’s name indicates, tea is the main proprietor here. Whatever your fancy, the wide variety of tea will most certainly meet your demands – Teakha house everything from Hong Kong’s famous milk tea to Moroccan mint tea. All their tea leaves are sourced from their sister brand, Plantation by Teakha, as to ensure the tea they serve is the best of the best.

We can’t think of anything better than having a piece of delicious Green Tea Cheesecake accompanied by a steaming cup of tea. Most of the signature cake flavors at Teakha are tea-related as well and they’re so popular that some people visit just for their cakes.

5. Cupping Room

If you ask any Sheung Wan resident for some quality coffee, this spot will definitely be on their list. Founded back in 2013, Cupping Room has established a reputation for serving high quality and ethically-produced artisanal coffee. Their coffee beans come directly from coffee growers, cutting out the chance of any exploitative activities from multinational corporations.

Ever since they started brewing, they’ve won numerous awards in the Hong Kong Barista Championship, World Barista Championship and many other competitions. Not to mention, their smashed avocado on toast is ranked amongst the very best in the city. The fact that they’ve expanded to Wan Chai, Central and Po Hing Fong only goes to show how popular they are. If you’ve yet to visit, you need to put it on your to-do list.

Sheung Wan, a vibrant district that seamlessly blends business and lifestyle, is a community brimming with possibilities. From brilliant cafés to great working environments, Sheung Wan is an excellent location for startup owners looking to kick off their businesses. That’s why theDesk has been rooted in Sai Wan which is adjacent to Sheung Wan, to offer you an inclusive co-working space in this exciting neighborhood. So next time you’re down in Sheung Wan enjoying a cup of coffee don’t forget to come and say hello!

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