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4 digital marketing trends you need to know about

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The world changes on a daily basis and the digital marketing landscape is no different. Once you fall behind, playing catch up can be tough – as Jeff Bezos stated, “what’s dangerous is not to evolve.” With that in mind, we’ve put together four trends that all digital marketers should be keeping an eye one if they intend to stay ahead of the curve.

Digital Marketing Trend

1. Voice search

Does your mind ever get blank when typing in a search box? That’s when voice search comes in handy. It’s a type of search engine in which users are able to generate search results with a simple voice command. The primary example is Apple’s “Siri”, a virtual assistant that uses voice queries and a natural-language user interface to answer questions, provide recommendations and perform numerous other tasks. With voice search, there’s no more hassle in finding suitable keywords to acquire the optimal search result and users are able to trigger searches without lifting a finger.

Different corporations have started developing, investing in and enhancing their voice search functions. For instance, Google with its Google Voice Search and Microsoft with its Bing Speech. It’s revolutionizing search engine optimization (SEO) and generating big changes across the digital marketing space.

Digital Marketing Trend - Chatbot
Chatbot works 24/7 for 365 days a year, it becomes an important tool for marketing and customer service.

2. Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) should no longer be a stranger to anyone in the 21st century. These days, marketers are implementing AI into the digital marketing world in the form of Chatbots. The technology enhances instant communication with customers, visitors and partners — basically anyone who is interested in the brand.

It transcends one of the great limits of human customer service – the inability to provide assistance beyond regular working hours. Chatbots are able to answer the ever-growing amount of inquiries 24/7 and thereby, convert more leads into sales. Plus, they promise high efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness, and unwavering patience. In the long run, Chatbots will save companies billions of dollars that would originally have been spent on customer services.

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3. Micro-moments

Technology is so deeply integrated into our daily lives that we often feel unarmed without it. We turn to technology, most usually in the form of our smartphones, in order to know, to connect, and ultimately, to consume. In these moments of desire, businesses that are able to capture users’ interest and satisfy their needs will emerge victoriously. Micro-moments crop up in almost every simple life decision – with 91% of smartphone users looking up information while in the middle of a task. These moments are instantaneous but crucial in generating revenues for business. Given that 69% of online consumers agree that quality, timing and relevance of a company’s message influences their perception of a brand, it’s clear businesses need to start managing micro-moments and creating more effective advertisement strategies.

4. Interactivity

The era of one-way communication is gone. Marketing methods like posters in newspapers and advertisements on television are history. The future points towards interactivity, in which potential customers have the ability to actively participate. Audiences are tired of being fed information. Instead, they desire to be connected and engaged. This stimulus has driven the rise of more interactive content such as quizzes, personality tests, polls, calculators and Q&As. The increasing connectivity has added more depth to user experience and turned one-time visitors into loyal consumers.

A prime example is the new functions of Instagram Stories. Users are now able to not only view and respond to friends’ stories but also create polls, ask questions, seek responses and make their emotions felt. That highlights why people are hooked to IG stories while saying goodbye to Snapchat.

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The four trends above should be used to guide your upcoming digital marketing strategies. Yet, do bear in mind, digital marketing is a world where nothing lasts forever. No single tool fits all situations. The key is to be on the industry’s frontline and learn to hop on and off the bandwagon when the time is right.

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