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3 common digital marketing misconceptions faced in today’s era

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Digital marketing is becoming a buzzword across all industries in Hong Kong. We see a significant shift in advertising budget to online channels among businesses in recent times. In fact, according to a Nielsen survey, Hong Kong online ad spend surpassed offline for the first time in 2017.

Companies are paying attention to their digital marketing efforts now more than ever. The challenge then arises for many transitioning to online. Where do you start?

Here are the top three common digital marketing misconceptions that many digital marketing consultants run into daily:

by Tina Goguia

theDesk Causeway Bay Leighton Centre Digital Marketing

Misconception #1: AdWords is expensive (cost per click)

Yes, cost per click can be quite expensive with Google AdWords due to the increased competition, especially after Google removed their right-hand side ads back in 2016.

The competition to appear in the top four positions above the organic results is so tight. Why? Because it works. Some of these businesses can get a very high ROI simply through utilising AdWords!

The misconception comes into play when businesses only look at the cost per click (which can be high in certain industries). However, if that clicks brings you considerable sales, then cost paid for that acquisition can be justifiable.

Misconception #2: We need to be on every social channel

Not really. While your potential target audience is on a certain social platform, it doesn’t mean that you need to be there as well. Keep in mind that once you choose a social channel, you need to dedicate resources and invest time.

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If you don’t have that time, better not to be present at all. People are observant enough to notice a drop in posting activities and will wonder what’s happening with the company. If you do it, then do commit resources and time in place for regular updates.

Misconception #3: Once we start with online advertising, we can start selling immediately and grow

Not necessarily. Before you start with advertising, step back and think about the proposition of your product or service you are about to promote.

Aside from keeping track of what your competitors are doing, have a clear idea of how your product stands out, what your added value is, as well your price proposition — this last element is crucial.

If you are higher priced than your competitors, and yet fail to communicate the added value to your target audience, you will have a tougher time converting those website visitors into customers.

While digital marketing is not the solution to solve an existing problem with your product or service, it is a powerful tool to skyrocket the growth of your company.

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About Tina:

Tina Goguia

Tina Goguia is the founder and CEO of Pandasia Digital Limited, a fast-growing digital marketing agency. The company is based at theDesk Leighton Centre.

Georgian-born and raised in the Netherlands, Tina’s professional portfolio includes working for Google in Dublin, providing Dutch SMEs and agencies with Google ad solutions as an account strategist to working for Facebook as part of the client solutions team. Her clientele included international brands Unilever, Tommy Hilfiger and Friesland Campina. 

She is now based in Hong Kong and runs Pandasia Digital and regularly provides corporate and individual training in digital marketing. Reach out to grab a coffee with her at

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